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Novena For Barbara Therese

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To St. Peregrine.  Please read Barbara Therese's Prayer Request. B.T. We love you and are here for you.     http://www.ewtn.com/devotionals/novena/peregrine.htm                

Thank you all so very much.  Your prayers are putting me rapidly back on my feet and about all that is happening is that I tire very quickly, but am up and about and pottering coupled with periods of

Thank you v-ery m-uch (dUSt behave yourself!) Anne Line, very much indeed.   Yeah Phatmass crashed on me a couple of times last night.  7.41am here in Sth Aust Fri 26th April 2013. An Act of Aba

Hospital rang me today. Surgeon has been able to fit me into his surgery schedule on Tuesday 7th. May 2013 - next week.  Actual surgery will be on the 7th or 8th May 2013 (not 13th May 2013 as originally advised).

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Guest Allie

Hospital rang me today. Surgeon has been able to fit me into his surgery schedule on Tuesday 7th. May 2013 - next week.  Actual surgery will be on the 7th or 8th May 2013 (not 13th May 2013 as originally advised).

Good news! 

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Thank you very much for this novena and all who have joined in either through posting or not - or simply keeping me in prayer.  Rather than start another thread somewhere I will update into this thread.

Had pre op appointment today and confirmed surgery next Tuesday 7th May  - its Friday 3rd May at 7.12pm here now and hospital will ring me Monday to advise what time I need to be in hospital Tuesday.  I will not know what this actual abdomen mass is etc. until 5 -7 days after surgery once they have had a chance to get things under a microscope.  So it is status quo just now.  I will probably be in hospital 5 - 7 days at this stage.  I am not at all concerned, completely at Peace and serene.  The Lord is overly generous to His least - but when I think about it, He had a really soft spot, a weakness, for the least.   My son said to me last night "Well, Mum, you have mountain to climb and you've climbed them before".  I replied "Nah, not a mountain, road hump is all it is".

My appointment today took around 3hrs,  I thought I might be sitting in a waiting room for extended periods and took a book with me.  What actually happened was, I was waiting no more than 10 mins at any one time and was whisked into this room and then that room around the waiting area.  I saw 2 nurses (warned me lots of questions, some I would have answered 2 or 3 time previously). I had a blood test and an EEG I think it is called, also urine test.  I saw the anaesthetist (took quite a while) and then the ward doctor (fair bit of time again). I had a choice between epidural block and then general anaesthetic (apparently an epidural block inserted with local aenasthetic prior to general anaesthetic and left in after surgery provides best pain relief - but oh boy the things that can go wrong - rare again, but lousy if you fall into the rare category) :)  I have had four operations in the past so I know pretty well what to expect (never had any real problems) and that the anaesthetic is probably the most risky part of surgery. I chose just the general anaesthetic and after surgery I will have a bedside button providing pain relief to push at my discretion.  But by the time the anaesthetist got thru telling me all potential things that could go wrong and the results, I think I had ten more grey hairs.  I felt really sorry for anyone who had never had an operation before.  The anaesthetist did explain that extreme problems are rare.  I thought to myself, poor patient who falls into the rare category.  I was very happy that I had had four operations in the past and probably knew most all of what she had to say.  Ward doctor told me not to be a hero and if I was uncomfortable to advise staff and everything would be done to relieve pain.  I'm no hero and will take my loudspeaker into hospital with me! :)


A preview has my Post in double spacing, don't know why.



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Thanks Allie!  Very much apprecaiated - very much!  All your prayers are being heard as I am still in Peace and quite serene about it all.Visitors tomorrow and then packing Monday.  Can only take in basic items on admission and once I am transferred to a ward, family can bring in the rest - so I need to sort things out.  I have medications I have to take at different times Monday too.  I think surgery must be Tuesday when I am admitted, although have not been told anything definitely just Tuesday or Wednesday.  Hospital will ring me Monday with actual date and time, but can't see the sense in instructing me to follow time directions re Monday medication or surgery could be delayed for safety reasons.


Have decided on epidural plus general anaesthetic as according to booklet I was given, epidural plus general not only provides better pain relief but also in older women is noted to have less complications and also patient is back on their feet sooner.  I'd like to get my ordinary life back together as soon as I can .  I think the booklet should be given to patient at same time letter is received giving date of pre operative appointments instead of at the end of the anaesthetist appointment - that way one can have a read at leisure and have one's questions ready for the anaesthetist appointment.  At the anaesthetic appointment, my head was buzzing with information received and I am sure much information not retained. The booklet made things much clearer as I could slowly take it all in with a coffee. I will be ringing hospital on Monday as I have a few more questions before advising decision is epidural plus general anaesthetic and apparently I don't have to give an actual decision until anaesthetist sees me before surgery at which time I can also ask her more questions if necessary.

Had a long conversation with Jesus (out loud and a benefit of living alone) and wound up laughing.  Laughter is a way of dealing with stress, tension and the unknown.  So still cruising along at Peace and serene.  Deo Gratius. Amen.

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Thanks for the usual - Allie :like2:  - and thank you also, Immanuel :like2:


.  I am into hospital on the 7th (8.11am here on Sunday 5th May) - surgery either 7th or 8th - and so shall lapse into a most unusual and rare silence after that until I am home again and feel like sitting at the computer once more.  Doing a bit of shopping today and putting plenty frozen meals in the freezer - some of them aren't too bad at all.

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Need to be in hospital at 7.30am, surgery around 10.30am.  My brother will take me and stay with me until surgery - he is an an excellent sense of humour, so the time should pass quickly.

I am deeply grateful to Allie for starting this novena thread and to all who have posted - as well as those who do remember me and my intentions at prayer, both here on Phatmass and in other places.  Phatmass however, is a wonderful support in so many ways.  I knowI have loved and I laughed, I am stamped my foot...........and I have learnt, i.e. I have changed and grown - and will soon be back once more to the dance of life on Phatmass once more.  And your support through tihis journey has warmed my heart absolutely and given me strength.

I had a near on panic attack this afternoon and I can be prone to them under some stresses.  It is scary stuff - but it passed over become it actually became a real panic attack and I can think straight once more.  Now I can think to myself "Thank You Lord for your many consolations and gifts and sometimes at the most needed of times and thank you too for some of the baeautiful and really incredible people You have created and whom I have come to meet and 'meet'.


My director gave me a little card distribted through her Order at Easter.  It reads "it not success but the faithfulness to this mix we all life"


Cacha all ya gals and guys later and at sometime on the other side of surgery.  My other brother said to me on the phone "Better run around all you want today, Barb - don't think you will be feeling like it it tomorrow afternoon" :)



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