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Women In Habits 2

Mary's Child

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Ok - I thought this was fascinating and fun. Here a Rockette dancer from the show Nunsense is being turned into a nun!





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I took this picture when I was in Assisi recently. It's one of my favorites. :)


Apparently, the Franciscans couldn't resist window-shopping at the leather-sandals store. :topsy:


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Another picture taken by yours truly, Ancilla.


The Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate, in Rome:

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These are SÅ’URS AUXILIATRICES DE KOLWEZI in Democratic Republic of the Congo. They definitely have the most interesting habit I've ever seen! I can't seem to find very much info on them but it appears that other Democratic Republic of the Congo orders of women religious have a similar kind of habit -- small kerchief over the head with a lively patterned shirt and skirt.



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It makes one wonder if the colors &/or patterns signify anything...but I must admit, these sisters wear them beautifully :)

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