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Women In Habits 2

Mary's Child

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I'm not sure, but I would be willing to bet it is a postulant garb from about 1955-1962.  Judging from the lay people's clothes and the fading of the colors in the picture....

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Kayte what order does she belong to?


No idea. Found it on tumblr, and I've spent the evening trying to figure out which order it's from. No luck yet, it seems I don't have mater's research skills. :hehe:

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While searching for the order to the previous photo, I stumbled upon this flickr page, with lots of pictures of pre VII habits. Some of the head gear is positively frightful!



Sister of the Congregation of Notre Dame



Sister of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary



Sister of St. Louis (from Ireland!)



Felician Sister


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Odd to see a postulant with white veil, though. The habit reminds me a little of Maryknoll habits. 




The sister on the other picture has a similar habit with this novice from Maryknoll Sisters










Ok, That gave me the clue I needed!   I also was thinking Maryknoll... habit was right, but the veil was wrong.  Had to be a postulant or a novice....


Then I got to thinking... I wonder whether Maryknoll ever went through a 'transitional' stage with a modified habit?  When I searched 'Maryknoll Sisters, Modified Habit',   I found this picture. 





it isn't big, (it 'enlarges' when clicked) but it totally matches the outfit.... and if you put a white veil on them, you have a novice.   :)  The second one from the left might even BE her... but I'm not sure.


And I bet the original photo is of the day she received the habit, and I bet it dates from mid 1960's... I remember my parents wearing clothes like that.... and because they were no longer wearing habits for the most part by the end of that decade.   I don't recommend the article... it's kind of sad.




But here is a picture of an elderly Maryknoll sister who is still wearing that modified habit... the medals are the same as in the picture with the car.  And we got some extra pictures!  And it is a very beautiful article about her as well... as she finishes up her work in Hawaii where she served as a missionary for many, many years....




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These sisters wear a habit/veil that is clearly fashioned on the older Maryknoll habit. Their foundress was a Maryknoll sister before creating this new missionary community: 













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Emma, that woud fit!  


I am familiar with the Glenmary Missionary Sisters... they were one of the very first groups that started modifying/simplifying their habits in the late 1950's.  They were also one of the first groups to totally leave off the habits, I believe.


I remember them when they looked like this doll, but they could very well have moved into a simpler collar, and the cuffs certainly match.  Now that I have done a search for them, I do see veils that match the mystery picture... but not on websites that I can copy and paste here.


They did look a lot like the Maryknoll sisters.... but a little different.  


They had/have a very unique ministry working with the poor in Appalachia, so if you aren't living there, one almost certainly wouldn't have encountered them.  


This is the doll that shows the habit usually associated with them... but a first modification would make sense.  Good sleuthing!



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