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Women In Habits 2

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a young woman in the School of Life with the Contemplative Sisters in Princeville ~ http://pjstar.mycapture.com/mycapture/folder.asp?event=190277  the pictures are from 2006 but this is how they were last time I was there too. these pictures are really a blast from the past! I had to search some super old threads on PM to find them. I met a bunch of those Sisters. a few of them are professed now I think, at least a couple made First Vows I know for sure :like:

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Here are Poor Clares in Habits!      

I took this picture when I was in Assisi recently. It's one of my favorites. :)   Apparently, the Franciscans couldn't resist window-shopping at the leather-sandals store. :topsy:

Posted Images

Formation stages description for the Apostolic Sisters ~ http://www.communityofstjohn.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=66%3Aapostolic-sisters&catid=38%3Athe-community&Itemid=27&limitstart=2  They don't use the term School of Life but aspirancy and postulancy.


For the Contemplative Sisters ~ http://www.communityofstjohn.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=57:princeville-sisters&catid=34:princeville&Itemid=54 They don't use the term postulancy at all, but go from the School of Life stage to being clothed as a Novice. That's how I thought they explained it. 


Sorry, since this is the Women in Habits thread...  :heart:




Contemplative Sister of St. John





Apostolic Sister of St. John



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From the Imagine Sisters Tumblr page!




Hanging out with Sr. Anna Rose TOR on her home visit! We’re making a habit rosary for a friend making his first vows with the Capuchins! #nunsrock #ImagineSisters #Catholic #NunFriends





Habit rosary complete! #nunsrock #imaginesisters


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Any idea what order these sisters might be from?


I would guess they aren't Catholic but maybe Episcopalian instead...? I've never seen a community like this. Their guimpe/toque in the front looks like the Visitandines and Daughters of Charity.

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The Community of St. John has such simple, beautiful habits.  The fabric (for both monks & nuns) looks comfortable and easy-to-care for. 


I couldn't upload the Felician photo that appears a few posts back...but know that as a postulant,

our group was taken to the archive room and allowed to try on the headcovering and veil...!  Oh

my!  It is tied to your head in a similar fashion to the Hanceville PCPA's (if you've ever watched

the clothing ceremony on EWTN).  Our mistress told us that the sisters used to put maxi pads

under the forehead piece during the summer. 





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It's about the time of year again, many a postulant is preparing for the reception of the habit! I thought I'd share so photos of sisters receiving the habit



Servants Of the Lord and the Virgin Matara



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