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Women In Habits 2

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Here are Poor Clares in Habits!      

I took this picture when I was in Assisi recently. It's one of my favorites. :)   Apparently, the Franciscans couldn't resist window-shopping at the leather-sandals store. :topsy:

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I'm sorry I don't have a picture, just a little story: I got to spend a few days with a couple Nashville Dominicans early in July. I went to Ecclesia (http://gotoecclesia.com/) with the Community of St John, kicked off the month with a few days of hiking in the Badlands of North Dakota, and Nashville sent two awesome sisters to join us. Those women are tough! We set them up against extreme heat, 10-mile hikes, muddy river crossings, ticks, charging herds of buffalo, a snake by their tents (not a rattler), and more. And they handled it all without a flinch, and such grace and joy. I had no idea Dominicans were so tough! And wonderful. We had such a good time. :)

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Sr. Mary Jeremiah OP

There are some really great photos here. And I've only seen p. 1


I especially enjoyed those of the Franciscan TORs from Kayte Postle because one of them is the niece of our Sister Mary Catherine. I can always spot her because she has a distinctive radiant smile.


Blessings, on to p. 2,


Sr. Mary Jeremiah, OP

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And Sister Mary Jeremiah -- this is the SECOND volume of the Phatmass Women in Habits thread -- we got closed down when the 1st one hit 50 pages!!!!!!  So you have your picture viewing for the next few months planned!!!!!!


And if you are so inclined... you are welcome to drop a few books into the Summer Reading Competition... we KNOW Dominican Nuns read... ;)   


And pray for us as we do for you all!

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