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If You Could Start A Religious Order/community, What Would It Be, Or L

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Monastic-contemplative/apostolic activity
Community living/off-site
Mind-body health issues allowed/not allowed
Higher education requirement/not a factor
Means of supporting the community
Family members visits,letter writing,use of technology
Permit pets/no pets (not referring to animals used for food or products-cheese etc)
Why would your community attract women and or men (of all ages)
What makes it stand out
Located in the city/outskirts

​Name: Brothers of Wisdom
Traditional/modern: Traditional.  Ideally pre-Pian Psalter, post-Pian calendar reforms, pre-55 Holy Week.
Habit/non-habit: Habit.  Simple black cassock, with preaching bands.  The cassock may have two pockets.  One pocket is to contain a crucifix and rosary, the other is to contain a book of Gospels and psalms.  The men are permitted to bring bags with them for storing breviaries, liturgical items, pamphlets, catechism books, etc.
Monastic/contemplative-apostolic activity: Apostolic activity founded on a strong personal contemplative experience.  The purpose of the Brothers of Wisdom will be two-fold.  As consecrated slaves of Mary they will fulfil all works of spiritual and corporal mercies as possible, to win Our Lady many graces to dispense to whomever she will.  There will be a particular emphasis on providing catechesis.  They will roam around, from town to town, preaching on the streets, in the churches, and educating children and adults in the truths of the faith.
Community living/off-site: Living off-site in pairs of two, with only one mother house which also serves as a "seminary" and retirement home.
Mind/body health issues allowed/not allowed: Be of sound constitution, both of mind and body.
Higher education requirement/not a factor: High school graduate minimum, no option of progressing in further study until retirement from active apostolate.
Spirituality: French School/Montfortian.
Means of supporting the community: Purely by alms and charity for those "in the field".  The men will only be allowed to possess a rosary, crucifix, gospels/psalms, breviary, and apostolate materials.  At 8pm every day they give everything else to the poor, and leave it by the roadside if necessary.  God will provide.  Donations to help run the mother house/"seminary"/retirement home.
Family visits, letters and technology: No family visits whilst out "in the field".  Permitted 1 week visit with family per year.  Letters only whilst resident in the mother house.  Technology reserved for mother house to facilitate contact with Rome, donors, etc., and retired students.  The brothers on the missions will have no technology.
Pets/no pets: No pets, unable to provide for their health and wellbeing.
Why would your community attract others: Men must be between 16-25 years of age when initially discerning with the community.  God will attract them.
What makes it stand out: Complete dependence on Divine Providence.
Located in the city/outskirts: For the wanndering preachers, wherever they are needed.  Mother house in a beautiful part of nature.

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This isn't strict..it's impossible!

​Oh dear! This is not for humans!  

it could be done ... if you eat a sandwich with one hand and hold the office in the other. 

I would be the first to join but I could not live with only one other community member.Will they wear the roman collar with the cassock?

​It's to ideally live up to the Gospel commission of going around in twos.  It would be extremely challenging, of course.  If you're out for months at a time with only one other individual, what do you do if said individual is a bit of a... pain in the rear end?  It's designed to provide maximum merit for Our Lady to distribute to souls in need!

No Roman collars, the preaching bands suffice for that.  Preaching bands > Roman collars! :P

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​Phuture Priest ,

What about the LOTH?

​The Liturgy of the Hours are mandatory, so I didn't think it was worth mentioning it. If you look, it says "special devotions", meaning optional prayer devotions such as the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

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Alberto Guimaraes
On 7/3/2013 at 8:32 PM, OnlySunshine said:

white knee socks; black oxford shoes or sandals


Peace and Good!

No socks. Only during a rigorous winter or health troubles. Shoes too..

Sandals yes! Better bare feet.


Br. Alberto Guimaraes OFS

Braga ─ Portugal


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It is unthinkable that I ever would have founded a religious community - but I'm wondering if this thread is totally serious or a bit of 'make believe.' Some of the details some have included puzzle me. The schedules some of you envision could be overwhelming! And who is thinking about whether someone wears socks? Why are some against contact with others?

With the rich traditions left by many a founder, I would see there being plenty already there to embrace - and the essence of the commitment being the proper focus.

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This vaguely reminds me of little girls playing with bride and groom paper dolls, talking about every detail of their planned wedding day... which may be 20 years away. 

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