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Franciscans Of The Renewal (sisters And Bros!)


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I know I've probably said it before but I'll say it again: if I could join absolutely any community, it would be the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal!

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I'm playing phone tag with Sr. Mary Pieta now! I can't wait to visit them! Hopefully this summer...


I've met Sr. Mary Pieta at a retreat.  She is VERY helpful!  I hope you get to go to one of their vocation retreats.  It's unlike any other retreat I've been on because they actually get you immersed in their apostolates so you really see what their life is all about.  You get to visit all the convents (except for England, obviously) and talk with Sisters in different stages of formation.  I really wished I had a vocation to their order.  I love them so much!  :)

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