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Carla Discerning Vocation

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After 5 months Finlay i have something to write here.I have made official application to Carmel monastery. With God's grace soon i will found out did they accept me or no.Keep me in your prayers.

After long time again i have news.Carla will take her first vow on Sunday 3rd of September.Please pray for her in her formation and her vocation.God bless you all.

With great joy in my heart and soul i can announce that today i have receive letter of acceptance to Carmel of St. Joseph.I do not know yet my entrance day to enclosure but soon i will know and share

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What fantastic news!  I have been thinking about her lately, wondering if thing were going along smoothly (if formation ever can be smooth!).  Thank you for sharing this good news....it has made my morning.

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This is a really beautiful thread and a good read for discerners it seems to me.  Prayer for sure for Carla especially at this new and important point in her journey! :)

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On ‎5‎/‎17‎/‎2016‎ ‎3‎:‎05‎:‎35‎, Carla said:

After long period of time i have finally some news to write.Few days ago we got some amazing news.

Nearly one year after Carla entrance in community we got news that this summer (date will be set soon) Carla will enter in new chapter of her formation.This summer she will enter into novitiate and continue formation with her community.This time has been very challenging both for community and for Carla.After all ups and own in this time Carla and her community decided it is time to take next step in her formation.

Please pray for her and for her Vocation for sure she will need it.God bless you all!



Praise the Lord! Please send her the nuns' prayers as well! So happy for her and so proud of her!

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Thank you all in my name and my whole family and for sure in her name for this messages of support.In this time we all have difficult time.

For me and my family it has been hard to realize that Carla is not here with us any more.With that i mean she is not here daily with us.I miss talking with her and her presence very much.But also i'm so proud on my sister and her choices.To pick such a beautiful way to serve our Lord bring such a grace to whole our family.

I know this time has been difficult for her.For young person in today's world it is not easy to adjust her self to cloistered life.But with her love for Carmel and with amazing help from other sisters she pass all the struggles and temptations.So please pray for her for sure she is praying for all of you.When i found out some news i will post it,Thank you and God bless you all.

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Wonderful news, another step on the way.

1 hour ago, Josefa said:

amesome news :nun1:

I meant  "amesome"   of course ..


My  phone  seems  to  have  a  will  of  its  own :huh::huh::huh:

I can't   believe  it  did  it  AGAIN :(:(:(



Try awe-some in future.  It works!

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8 minutes ago, Josefa said:

Ah .    Thank you :)

It was  a  language -settings problem !

But your solution  is  also  amesome  :love:

Barbara  ,  I  should  have  listened   to  you !!!!!


I think our fearless leader, dUSt,:nun1: might have done some mischievious tweaking so that awe-some (without the hyphen) posts always as amesome. 

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Barbara Therese wrote:
I think our fearless leader, dUSt,:nun1: might have done some mischievious tweaking so that awe-some (without the hyphen) posts always as amesome. 
Do you you think his first name might be 'Ames'?  
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