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New Monastic Contemplative Order, Begun 20 Yrs Ago For Vocations Of Th


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Order of St. Paul of the Cross. For women interested in new monastic order, serves as renewal and return to monastic observances, theological study and contemplative prayer. They are called Paulicrucians. see website; www.opcrucis.org. They have a novitiate and in process of moving to new permanent diocese in USA. Story and history of beginnings in Spain and then first new foundation in Eastern Europe during turmoil of post communist 1990s is inspiring and zealous, courageous and gives hope for new vocations of our century who can't feel called to the more liberal communities or those who are closing due to no vocations in years.

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I don't know this community, but thought this info from their website might be of interest to some...


Eligibility Requirements
1. Unmarried women between the ages of 18-35.

2. Physical handicaps are considered on an individual basis as long as they do not interfere with following the daily religious observances as aided by the assistance of disability accommodations. 

3. Older vocations (ages 40-55) are also considered on an individual basis and must provide a strong indication of a cloistered religious vocation.

4. Normal physical and mental health.

5. Must possess a happy disposition, a generous character, a good sense of humor with a desire and ability to thrive in the communal life of charity.

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This looks like a very interesting community, but does anyone know for sure if these Sisters are authorized to accept vocations by their local bishop?  I am fairly sure they are in the diocese of Richmond, Virginia, as there are parishes in that city that are on that website.


The sisters aren't shown on the diocesan website; it may be just that they are new, but Phatmass does require that communities be authorized by their local bishop before discussing them on Phatmass...

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Closing the thread -- unable to confirm the status of the community.  No religious are listed in the Diocese of Richland, VA website as living in Abingdon, VA.






Double checked Diocesan websites,  Couldn't find under the umbrella general list either: -BG




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