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Theresita Nerita

Clean/positive Wedding Reception Party Songs?

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Theresita Nerita

Hi Pham,


Getting down to the wire on getting married (September!) and my fiance and I are having a hard time coming up with a list of upbeat wedding reception songs long enough for 3+ hours of dancing.


Here's the problem - when you search "clean wedding songs" people just tend to think you mean "radio edit" which is NOT what we mean.  "I like big bleeps and i cannot lie" is not what i'm looking for.


This is a day that celebrates love and marriage and how miraculously God works in people's lives by bringing them together - we both want the music to reflect how big a blessing love is! 


More important than not having curse words, these songs need to not be cynical or negative about love


They don't need to be sappy or lovey - just not cynical.  Jump Around, Whoomp there it is, MC Hammer, etc are fine!  Party Rock, Black Eyed Peas, stuff like that.


An example of an unacceptable song would be "Out all night to get lucky" - it's cleanish, but it's about a one-night stand and "getting lucky" as opposed to love-and-sex being inseparable and positive things.


Any ideas for positive, non-cynical dance songs that also aren't lame?



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First of all - good decision. I can't tell you how many Catholic wedding receptions I've attended where they play "Love Shack" or something. I always think - "Inappropriate!"


Second - I will leave it to other people to suggest current music. I was raised with a lot of older people, all of whom appreciate music, and shared their music with me. So all of my suggestions will be old. Think of them as "classics." Which could make for a nice mix. It's very danceable music.


Third - The music you pick will depend on the kind of dancing your guests enjoy, which might be related to where you live. If some of your guests are older, it's nice to include music they recognize. If you're in an area where country or western music is popular, some of these will fit, but some won't.


Fourth - You can look 'em up on YouTube.


Fifth - You can always fill in with just plain dance music unrelated to love. "The Electric Slide," "The Macarena, " "The Locomotion," and so forth.


Sixth - Have a great time!


These are in no particular order.


Roy Orbison - "You Got It"

The Dixie Cups - "Chapel of Love" - sweet and innocent

Orleans - "Still the One" - make this a special dance for all the couples married five years or more - something like that 

Cass Elliott - "Dream a Little Dream of Me" - a nice slow dance

Suzy Boggus & Asleep at the Wheel - "Old Fashioned Love in My Heart" - this one's western swing.

Ronnie Milsap - "Stand By My Woman Man" - starts slow, then changes gears to western swing

Barbara Lewis - "Baby, I'm Yours" - slow and sensual

Aretha Franklin or Dionne Warwick - "I Say a Little Prayer for You" - not as danceable as the others, but the theme you're looking for

Mary Wells - "My Guy" - early Motown

The Temptations - "My Girl" - need I say more?

The Ronettes - "Be My Baby" - if you can't dance to this, you just can't dance

The Seekers - "I'll Never Find Another You" - Not as danceable as some, but it is (or was?) the theme song of Marriage Encounter 

Katrina and the Waves - "Walking on Sunshine"

Joe Cocker - "You Are So Beautiful to Me" - lots of other people have recorded this, too

Mamas & Papas - "You Baby" - The Turtles do a more upbeat version of it

Van Morrison - "Crazy Love," "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You"

Michael Buble?

Harry Connick, Jr.? They both do a lot of older classics.



Bonus Track - I've always thought that ... the mothers-in-law ought to be brought front & center, sat down, and made to listen to Ernie K. Doe singing "Mother-In-Law," Maybe have the groom and groomsmen lip synch it, with cheesy dance moves. Truth in humor - that kind of thing - IF the mothers-in-law have a sense of humor.



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John Ryan



I love this song so much. If I ever get married it is going on the list.

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Anything by Def Leppard. Yes, some of their songs are sexual, but they sound amazing, so God forgives you.

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At my wedding -if God wills that- I'm going to have mostly 50's and 60's doo wop music.



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