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Not Sure If This Belongs Here...

Anna Margarita

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So I've never posted on this phorum... In fact I just found it about 15 minutes ago. I've been doing a little research and saw girls who posted similar things and I'm desperate. I do have a legitimate question but backstory:

I met my very dearest friend, we'll call him Matt, sometime last year around Christmas. At the time I was dating a guy I'm not with anymore. It's a long story but basically it was a good relationship, just not what God wanted. Anyways, we were at a FOCUS meeting and decided we both needed to be doing more intercessory prayer. Boom accountability partners. We started praying together three times a week. Prior to actually meeting this guy I knew he was a holy dude and was discerning to be a Capuchin. So when we started praying together I thought "great! A very holy friend I can chill with." So after I broke up with my boyfriend I was pretty messed up and this guy Matt was like my rock. He really helped me heal and turn to God and honestly, he really showed me what true friendship was. Time goes on and we hung out a lot but I never thought anything of it... Aka I wasn't attracted to him, I knew he wasn't going to date me, I knew we were just friends, I knew I was called to something else, yadda yadda yadda. We stayed in touch over the summer and everything was great until a few months into this fall semester. It was like somebody flipped a switch in my brain because all of a sudden he just made perfect sense. I feel so called and drawn to him... He's like the missing piece. Im just... Really confused. I love this guy there's no denying. I know this is something I should keep to myself for the sake of his discernment and I've taken it to prayer a hundred times being open to Christ's will and just listening. I'm taking it to Mary too seeing as she's the queen of "pondering all these things in her heart". I just feel really overwhelmed. Sometimes we talk about his discernment and I think he feels the same way about me: confused. Usually I just let him think out loud and don't offer my opinion. I try to objectively challenge and affirm him without taking a side. It's like a knife though everytime we talk but I still thank God for our friendship because i know Matt cares for me and brings me closer to Him.

I guess I'm just wondering if its something I should ever open up to him about. My two best friends are split: one says no keep it in your heart and give it to God and the other says that at some point Matt needs to know. I guess I'm just hoping for a little anonymous advice, encouragement, chastisement, similar situations, camaraderie, whatever. I've just been so upset sometimes about it. I want to do God's will.

If anyone thinks this is not the appropriate location or content for this phorum please please please let me know and I'll take it down. The last thing I want to do is use this cite improperly.

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I don't think it's possible to say anything more or better than what Catherine Therese has already said. Wisdom hath spoken.

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Good answer, Catherine. We couldn't do better.

Anna, you will be in my prayers. It is not an easy situation. We've seen similar, and it can turn
out both ways. Time and freedom are the key.

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