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The long wait

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and Im still waiting! i write to please ask for prayers for myself to continue to know and do God's will.  If He is calling me to religious life He is certainly making me wait for what seems to me a

Dear Vee: Don't get discouraged.  It is very apparent what God is doing in you.  He is honing your soul into that two edged sword  so you may become a fitting instrument in his hands that you may be

Praying for you. Also ask for St Edith Stein's intercession. She had to wait 11 years to enter!

Yes she is probably one of the most recognizable people with quite the wait time!  Even though Im at about half her time I can relate to her with  that as well as the fact that she was a modern working woman.  She knew what it was to get up and go to work, to have bosses and coworkers, to earn a living for one's self.  As much as I love many other saints I cant relate to them in that aspect because they didnt do those things!

I also like what you said in some other thread about offering up the waiting time and Ive certainly been doing that.

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So your eventual name in religion will be Sr. Mary Tuberculotions of the Interminable Wait? 


Ill submit that to the superior!

Many prayers for you Vee as you continue your discernment. I hope that all goes well with your Doctor's appointment. 

Thank you.  I think my health is fine so thats not too much of a concern, please pray more for the doc who has to fill it out! 


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Why would you ask St. Edith Stein?  She'll probably make you wait 12 years! Ask St. Teresa of the Andes...she entered right after finishing school...wasn't she like..just a teenager?  ...oh wait....then she died 9 months later!  


:/  St. John of the Cross?  Nope, he got beat up and kidnapped by the renegade carmelite friars...

St. Teresa of Avila?  Yeah, if you want to travel all over your frozen tundra founding communities left and right with nobody wanting you around!

The Martyrs of Compiegne?  Um...maybe not...


that leaves ....one other....saint.....



the OTHER Teresa!!!!! :o:o :o 



How about Saint Nuno of Saint Mary!?

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Dear Vee, I really admire your courage. Myself have been waiting for a congregation for 3 years. As compared with St. Edith Stein, it's really a short time.

I also heard that Blessed Maria Virgo, the first Superior General of Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters, waited for 7 years for the new congregation to start by St. Jassen Arnold. She began to work for SVD at her age of 30, and entered the new congregation 7 years later.

I have heard that, if you really like a congregation, God will help you and open a way for you.

So, don't be discouraged at any rate, God must have the best plan for you. Just pray well for your health and vocation, and be assured of my prayers for you as well, my dear sister in Christ. :pray:

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