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The long wait

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Last Sunday I happened to visit (for the first time) a Carmel with a retreat house attached. I was only there for a very short time, but it was so peaceful. I thought of you, @dominicansoul, and Vee. You are both in my prayers.

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and Im still waiting! i write to please ask for prayers for myself to continue to know and do God's will.  If He is calling me to religious life He is certainly making me wait for what seems to me a

Dear Vee: Don't get discouraged.  It is very apparent what God is doing in you.  He is honing your soul into that two edged sword  so you may become a fitting instrument in his hands that you may be

15 hours ago, dominicansoul said:

I'm really needing it right now.  It's been very very difficult.  Our friendship intertwined in most everything we did.  to be honest, I find myself mourning as if vee died.  Cos that's what it feels like to me.  We used to text about everything going on around us, or message or skype at the drop of a hat.  Like today, I wanted to show her this weird Burger King/Bar in the airport in Canada. Like they serve beer with your burger!  Lol!   And my first impulse was to take my cell phone out take a pic and send it to her on messenger and then I was like "...oh wait..."  I've been crying all day, but God has a plan and it's always for the best.  I trust in him.  Also He may have wanted the two of us to grow up a bit lol.  We can be kids again when we meet in heaven... 


Also I don't have any space in my messages here because I have saved so many between me and VEE lol.  I don't want to erase them!  They are mainly stupid funny zany stuff, and I just can't delete them.  

I understand completely why you don't want to delete the messages that you and Vee sent each other!

What I did when I absolutely HAD to clear out my message box was to copy my important PM's into files stored on my computer. That way, they weren't erased and I could still read them, but my message box became available for PM's.

Will you think about doing that? I'd like to be able to send you PM's. :buddies:

Alternatively, I could give you my email, but I don't want to do that publicly. :idontknow:

If you PM me YOUR email I PROMISE I will never share it w/o your permission.

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Oh man, I feel sad I didn't get to follow this thread as vee was entering Carmel!! Doing everything from a phone can be challenging! Maybe I can get out a hand written letter if I find out what Carmel in Canada she entered. I feel the same as many of you about her entrance being like the end of an era, wow! It's like FutureNunJMJs (PicoliFiori) entrance (still so happy I got to attend her clothing, she's in First Vows now by the way, hope she doesn't have to wait 9 years! And vee too!)

Got to write her! So happy for her!! And that's so cool about white water rafting before entrance, oh man!! Lol woohoo

We love and miss you vee!!! :nun2:

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As for now, vee doesn't want to disclose which Carmel she entered.  I totally understand not wanting to share that info on such a public forum... 


For those few that know, please do not share that info here...

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1 hour ago, Chiquitunga said:

 It's like FutureNunJMJs (PicoliFiori) entrance (still so happy I got to attend her clothing, she's in First Vows now by the way, hope she doesn't have to wait 9 years! And vee too!)

Cool. Thanks for the update. 

I keep in touch with a couple of the people that entered around the time she did, but had no idea how she she was doing.

I had to lol a bit when I read the 9 years part, it's like vee can never escape the long wait, hopefully that won't be the case.


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