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Adoration Sisters Wexford 2


The History of the Sisters of Adoration in Wexford

The late Most Rev. Dr. Furlong, Bishop of Ferns, had for a long time entertained the hope of establishing within his diocese a convent of Perpetual Adoration, but it was only a few months before his death that he was enabled to make final arrangements for its permanent establishment.


1870 his objective of Perpetual Adoration was partially attained.

The Sisters of Marie Reparatrice consented to accept the offer of the Convent of Rockfield in order to establish a branch of their community in Wexford. This house recently purchased by the Bishop, had the building enlarged and a chapel erected. It was July 1870, that Mother St. Joseph Bennett, Superioress, accompanied by a sister arrived to take charge of the yet unfinished building. Perpetual Adoration was not one of the rules of the order of the Marie Reparatrice, and consequently the Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament was only carried out during the day time.

Disappointment joy and happiness.

In a few years, several young ladies from the neighbourhood had entered the convent, and few communities could boast of being more united and happy. All seemed to promise stability and prosperity, but still the yearning of the Most Rev. Dr. Furlong’s heart was far from being satisfied. His Lordship’s frequent applications to the Mother General of the Order of Marie Reparatrice to permit the establishment of Perpetual Adoration had failed. She declined to alter the rules of her society. The nuns, in the convent he erected, would have only been too glad to carry out his wishes, but they were subject to another jurisdiction and were not permitted to do so. Eventually, however, his prayer was answered.

Convent Of Perpetual Adoration founded.

In October 1874 the Mother General sent one of her sisters to meet the Bishop and in a short time an arrangement was made whereby any of the community who wished to remain and place themselves under the jurisdiction of the Bishop, and found a convent of Perpetual Adoration, were free to do so. By far the greater number remained. Thus the foundation of the convent of Perpetual Adoration was laid and Mother Mary of St. Perpetua, Wexford was selected to be the superior.

Perpetual Aadoration began in January 1875.

With his Lordships permission, the Sisters began Perpetual Adoration in Wexford on the 1st of January 1875. The Bishop applied for the sanction of Rome for the enrolment of the new society, but it was not until August 1875, that the requisite authority arrived. The Bishop wept with joy as he communicated the news to the Sisters and others.

BuddyMass 048


Pray that this great tradition will continue into the future.

Since 1875 until 1st March 2015 the Sisters of Perpetual Adoration have faithfully, joyfully and prayerfully carried on this great tradition of Adoration in Wexford. Presently the Sisters have Adoration from 6am to 10pm daily. This convent is a powerhouse of prayer, peace and joy lifting the Sisters own hearts and all they pray for without ceasing. Let everyone pray to the Lord of the harvest that this amazing tradition will be carried on in this convent for future generations.

The circle around the cross is engraved with the four aspects of the Mass. Thanksgiving, Petition, Reparation, and Adoration.


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