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Videos about religious life in French


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We're lucky, our own EWTN, who is called KTO, have a lot of its reportage online. Here are the one about religious life, if you want to work your french. I think some of them can be watched with automatic subtitles. 

Our Sisters in Siberia

The Sisters of the Annonciade (the title is "Les belles du Seigneur". I can't translate it, "Belle du Seigneur" is a classical book.) Anyway, this one is very good, the sisters speak about spousal spirituality, but on a very down to earth tone, and not a "jesus is my lover !". 

The Carmel in Guadeloupe 

Three africans sisters in MarseilleThe time in the Rule of St Benedict

Cistercians monk in the Atlas mountain, in Marroco

Catholic sisters in the First World War

The Cistercian Abbaye of Lerin

Franciscan Sisters in an orphanage

the cistercian family

Food in monasteries

African missionaries in rural France

Three daughters of charity living their life in a parish

Benedictine oblate

This one include a sister with Down Syndrom

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Thank you for sharing these! I have been trying to keep my French up and what better way than to watch religious videos? :)

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