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CV praying EF Office?


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Hi. I am a consecrated virgin who prayers the traditional pre vatican 2 breviary. I have my Archbishop's permission  to use the 1950 Roman Breviary in English by Benzinger Bros. When I was consecrated in 2003, this is the office that I used in the part of thr Rite of Consecration of a Virgin living in the World. The only limit place on me in regard to the older forms of the office is that I cannot use the latin in order to fulfil the resitation of the office. The reason is that until I have a good working knowlege of the vocabulary and understand of Latin then I am not understanding what I am praying. Makes sense. One other fact, I was ocnsecrated by my now retired Archbishop during a TLM said by him in a FSSP church. My current Archbishop is one that came out of the KU program that produced a lot of vocations including ones to the traditional Benedictines. The reason why I do not usually say the 1962 in English is that the Collegeville english is a bit ocward in the translation and does not flow as well as the 1950 plus it does not have the longer 3 nocterns at Matins most days.

Some consecrated virgins do have permission to have the Blessed Sacrament reserved in their homes. It is up to the CV's bishop. I do not. I am close eough (12 miles from my parish) and my bishop is not comfortable with the idea. I am not set up for this anyway. Both of our parishes in town have 24 hour perpetual addoration so for me it does not make sense. I am in town most days anyway.

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