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Trump And The Republican Party Are So Pro-Life

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On 1/30/2019 at 5:45 AM, Ash Wednesday said:

A lot of times I do feel like a lot of Republicans just use the Christians to get votes and pay a lot of lip service.

That said... 

Does the fact that Democrat Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo just signed in a bill that allows babies to be aborted up until birth not warrant a thread?  

The Republicans really aren't great. That said, Democrats not pretending to be pro-life doesn't warrant voting for most of them, because they generally support legislation like this. I fail to see how some crappy Republicans justify sinning against my conscience by ticking the blue box on my ballot for the guy or gal that's even worse and supports legislation that is so horrific and out in the open for everyone to see, I even heard non-religious people over here in secular England questioning it. (On the record I'm American born, dual US-UK citizen living in England for those that don't know my story.) No "seamless garment" argument is enough for me to support the idea that a baby could be aborted at 12:04 PM but is suddenly a viable human being if born at 12:05. I have no problem with criticism from Seamless Garment Catholics rolled out at Republicans but it seems these same critics are reluctant to speak out about the Democrats. Why? 

Literally we go through this stuff every year and I'm not sure what kind of response there is supposed to be.  Acknowledge Republicans don't always uphold what they claim to? Okay. Happy to do this. They do not do enough. Then what?  Are we supposed to vote Democrat instead because they don't pretend to care but we should overlook their horrific legislation anyway? Independent?

Don't mean to go off on a rant here but I'm pretty beside myself about not only that disgusting law being signed in, but them even lighting up One World Trade Center to celebrate it.

And probably worst of all are the church leaders in New York that wont have the spine to excommunicate him. Honestly perhaps they're the worst culprits in all of this, not just them but every quiet "Church of Nice" leader that has stood by for almost 50 years now and done nothing while Catholic politicians from both parties just let these things happen.

This is what surprised me with Phatmassers.   Knock the only party out there that at least tries to do something about the slaughter of babies.

But oh well, I don't argue with liberals anymore.  Read a post recently that said "voting for Democrats doesn't mean millions of babies are going to die..."   Um...yeah, it does!  And it seems to be the Democrats are getting even more emboldened with your "catholic" support, that they are now passing laws for outright infanticide... 


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Trump proclaims to be pro life for political expediency, but he is caging children, and separating refugee families on the southern border.

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