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French, Spanish, Italian monastic styles

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From what I heard, Carmels of Spanish origin has more vocal prayers; Carmel of French origin focuses more on solitude.

Each Carmels are autonomous/independent so each customs may vary. Though the Spanish Mothers (these Mothers were mentored by St. Teresa herself)  wrote by hand the customs introduced by St. Teresa and this was printed in a small book called Paper of Exaction, each monastery's customs might differ slightly, nothing major but its enough to spot the difference, say, an American Prioress (Belgium/French line origin) was asked to found a Carmel but all its member will be from a Spanish-line Carmel, so she has to live and has to learn the custom in a Spanish Carmel but in the end, she ended giving up the foundation since she is too old to relearn.

The same Rule and Constitutions is followed by the Nuns before Vatican II.

Nowadays, there exist two constitutions, the 1990 and 1991 texts.  A few Carmels (such as the 2 Carmels in Taiwan) asked Rome to follow the 1990 text  and also following a portion of 1991 text that pertains to the jurisdiction under the Superior General of the Order.





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I haven't spent time studying Carmelites and their history. I do, however, know several sisters in various monasteries around the UK. These were all founded from the first Carmel in Britain - Notting Hill, which was founded from Paris which of course traces its lineage back to Spain! 

They each have an entry on their Association website, and each one is different, depending on what and how much each monastery chooses to say about itself, whether they have a website and so on. And indeed, each monastery also has its own character, and there are variations in certain things, eg - grille/removable grille/no grille, use of email and internet, whether they chant or say the Office, whether they process here or there or not...


They are all authentically, truly, totally Carmelites. What is fundamental to their lives and vocation is there, very much so, and they are all women who radiate the joy and the truth of living solely for God, and of being steeped in prayer, as well as Carmel's austerities - whatever style veil they wear or whatever else is largely external. 

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