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CS Lewis' Space Trilogy Book Discussion

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I just realized that the polls are gone!

 Anyway, just wondering if anyone was interested in a book discussion here on Phatmass. I realize that posts have dropped to a minimum and they are not too many people posting. however, maybe a book discussion thread will spark some interest. I was just thinking about the UFO thread... it is little-known that CS Lewis wrote a space trilogy which blends genres of science fiction and adventure with philosophy and theology in a way that most people can understand, similar to the Chronicles of Narnia-- which was mainly targeted to a younger audience. The books are about this language professor who ends up  (kidnapped) traveling to space where he meets intelligent creatures on other planets that haven't fallen like we have. They are  peaceful. But the two men who kidnapped the professor  bring evil intentions with them...  that's what goes down in the first book, Into the Silent Planet. 

 So, who's down?  Who wants to do  this? 

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Wait, we have to READ the book? I thought I was just gonna have to buy it and then talk about it. 

I'll do it.

I found the book in my house. I'm good to start.

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 Okay, so that's two… So far so good! Anyone else?

 Out of the Silent Planet by CS Lewis is the first book we will be reading. It's like two or three dollars used on Amazon, or you can get it from the library:



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11 minutes ago, dUSt said:

Wait, we have to READ the book? I thought I was just gonna have to buy it and then talk about it. 

 Won't be much to talk about then.

This is what I get for my lack of accurate titles for my posts… I should have put "book reading discussion"  lol.

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5 hours ago, Seven77 said:

amesome! Just downloaded it from the library. We gotta figure out a reading plan and schedule while everybody gets the book. 

I’ve never been in a reading group.  

So we elected you to be Book Boss.

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So far, that's five of us now. Two of us have the book already. When everyone else has access to the book, just drop a line here. So, when we are ready to start, maybe we should try five chapters (they're fairly short chapters) every week? Once a week, we would discuss our thoughts here. Does that sound good?

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That sounds reasonable.   Most should be able to read at that pace.  I’ve started as I needed a new read.   I’ll wait but hopefully we should be all able to start by Wednesday?

Would we have a list of topics to consider while we read?

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 Would really like to start tomorrow! Everyone got the book? If at least three people have the book we're going to start tomorrow. Let's say four--- so two of us have the book, we need two more  people to get it so we can start tomorrow.

So, Wednesday, July 10th we would begin, five chapters, pages 1 to 36 by the end of next Wednesday, July 17.

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