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Number of mass shootings in 2019 per country

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The Latest: 7 people killed in West Texas shooting rampage

MIDLAND, Texas (AP) — The Latest on a shooting in West Texas (all times local):

9:15 a.m.

Odessa police say the death toll in a West Texas shooting rampage is now seven after a man stopped by state troopers opened fire and fled, shooting people at random. Police later shot the gunman.

Odessa police spokesman Steve LeSueur said Sunday that at least one person remains in “life-threatening” condition. Authorities have said the gunman shot more than 20 people before being killed by officers outside a movie theater.


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Feeling guilt and shame is 100% appropriate for women that kill their innocent kids. Abortion should be extremely stigmatized and guilt inducing.       

It's also interesting to note that homicide may have a relation to morality. GO FIGURE! I looked at Poland, which has one of the highest percentages of Catholics among all countries. Interestingl

Sadly, the US won’t do anything effective.   Again.  Politicians are busy trying to score political points or defend against political hits.  Extremists are arguing between no guns at a

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Is there any realistic way to get the MORE than 390,000,000 (three hundred ninety million) owned guns in the United States where you just don’t disarm law abiding citizens and leave 10,000,000 ten million guns in the hands of criminals and thugs?   

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Strict gun control laws don’t work, said laws may even be making things worse.    Blaming Republicans as the scapegoats is misguided.and does not in any way, address the  problem.  

 I don’t own a firearm but if I lived in the suburbs of Chicago I would definitely be thinking seriously about getting one for protection of my family and myself.


CHICAGO (CBS) — At least 25 people were struck by gunfire, and two were killed, in acts of gun violence around Chicago this weekend, according to police reports.

In one of the incidents, 20 shots were fired into a Burnside neighborhood home where several children, including a 12-year-old girl, were inside.

Police said just before 5 a.m. Saturday, two men opened fire from the sidewalk and a round went through a back bedroom window, striking the girl in the shoulder and abdomen.



PS:   Chicago does have strict “Gun  possession” laws on the books 

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4 minutes ago, little2add said:

Strict gun control laws don’t work, 



W t f are you talking about? They don't work in Chicago because you can just go to another state and get the guns. They clearly work in other countries where this doesn't happen.

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4 hours ago, Josh said:

Is that all you got? I think he's biracial. At least you're not posting pictures of goats with guns.

I support gun control man but I'm no homo for Rachel dolezal and wannabees ... Shaun king is cancelled

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