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The Lungs of Our Planet are burning

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The Amazon, the lungs of our planet, is on fire.

"Many of the fires are thought to have been started deliberately, with suspicion falling on farmers who may benefit by having more available land. Mr Bolsonaro has scorned environmental activists and declared staunch support for the clearing of areas of the Amazon for agriculture and mining.

Experts and campaigners say his administration has given a green light to rainforest destruction. Environmental groups held protests in cities across Brazil on Friday to demand action to combat the fires, and protesters gathered outside the Brazilian embassies around the world." https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-49452789

Amazon fires: Ten of your questions answered

In graphics: How bad are the Amazon fires?

What is the 'historic' EU-Mercosur trade deal?

............each of the above three are linked in the article.


Prayer for the Amazon Fires.

There are many ways of praying including saying a brief rote prayer, especially the Our Father which Jesus gave us, and then uniting that intention to our days and efforts to live The Gospel.  I might even never think of my intention again, but Jesus does - and Our Lady, Mother and Queen with the whole of Heaven remember too and continue to pray for us all and our intentions.  If necessary, The Holy Spirit will bring back to our minds what needs to come back to our minds.

The Holy Spirit: Gift, Counsellor, Advocate and Helper

I once asked a very holy priest how he remembers all he wants to pray for.  He said that he simply tells Jesus he is praying for all he wants to pray for and all he should pray for.  It eventually internalised for me and I was able to abandon my Intentions Book which had grown far too long to pray every day.  At the time, I would agonise with guilt if I did not pray every single intention every single day.........obviously I was scrupulous at the time and cured in the Confessional by Father saying "Be happy" at that very moment, scruples and a burden just vanished.


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