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Sisters of Reparation in Monsey ,NY no more

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The Sisters of Reparation of the Congregation  of Mary in Monsey,Ny are now officially gone.They ran  St.Zita's Home for Women and  their main ministry was helping  working and other women.The last sister,  Sister Mary  John Burke SRCM died on Sept.14,2020  according to the Catholic New York magazine, dated October 8,2020.

The Catholic Mission Sisters of St.Francis Xavier  in the Archdiocese of Detroit are also gone, as their last sister died too.

According to Google Maps, the Sisters of Christian Love in Detroit are permanently closed. I know the foundress, Sister Judi  died, but not sure how many sisters were in the community. Typed in the communities name, and found a video of Sister Judi and another siister making food for the poor. How many they had , I don't know.

Also, I'm sure that many of you have heard of the marian shrine in Neccadah, Wisconsin. At one time there was a group of sisters founded there,,  named the Sisters of the Seven Dolors of Our Sorrowful Mother. They had a children's home and taught school.

While looking for information on them, discovered  that one of the sisters recently passed on, in her 80s or 90s. I you Google it, you will find her obituary .They apparently wore a white dress, blue  scapular maybe and a black veil. Also I think quite some time ago a community named the Society of Our Lady of Lourdes was mentioned here. They at one time had some sort of website. In any case, Sister Mary Joan Walsh a member passed away. I guess she too was the last sister in their group.

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Though I am not familiar with any of these communities, it indeed is very sad to see congregations die out. Some of those whom I knew well - and which were quite large - have only a handful left, and those few are very old.

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Yes it is sad. I know  it has happend over the centuries to many communities.

 Now how and why, I can't say.Some communities maybe never had a large number of sisters in the past anyways. And they maybe didn't have much exposure outside of their local diocese, not like bigger orders. And they  may not have done much recruiting too.Some communities like the Vicenetian Sisters of Charity of Pittsburgh joined my late cousin Sister John Edna's order the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth ,Ky.  There are other examples of this. While it is sad, it's not as sad  as with these other sisters,who don't do the same thing.

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