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Thoughts about 2020, the election, etc.

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Actually, I honestly just wanted an excuse to post a picture of Bob Ross with a deer. So here is a brief serenity thread for anyone that feels the need to collect their thoughts and calm down.


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My Thoughts about 2020 is that there is way too much speaking with an unpleasant disposition instead of constructive criticism.

Combined with a lack of civility and total disregard for truth.  




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I deleted my Twitter that I started this year.

Downside is, now anytime someone approaches me with news, I don't get to smugly say that I knew about that 5 days ago.

Upside is that my perception of reality is no longer dragged down a slippyslide of insanity.

As a result of this Twitter escapade,, however, the barest smidgen of trust in any legacy media outlet has been thoroughly crushed to smithereens. I don't trust a word they say, including words like "the" and "and".

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