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Bye bye, lisa frye

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I flagged the odd woman who was always talking about her breasts as a spammer, so her posts will no longer appear. Sorry to everyone who made legitimate replies. When I first came across her posts I checked her email address and found it was a legitimate email used by a real person in a Catholic homeschooling organization--so didn't immediately ban her--giving her the benefit of the doubt.

With her latest posts it's pretty clear she's either trolling or her email was hacked, or she simply doesn't have the right etiquette for a forum like this. 

Anyway, she's gone.

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I am glad it was dealt with. For those who feel they must be charitable: a person who truly seeks a help with her or his sexual vice never goes into a detailed description of it because of shame. It is even said routinely in the manuals for a confession "not to go into details".

I also noticed that verbal exhibitionists/trolls frequently appear after the subject of chastity for Christ's sake/being a bride of Christ was discussed here. Hence I conclude that Pathmass is on the right path.

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Yeah, wasn't sure if she was pulling our legs or legitimately having issues so I figured that was your call. I was getting somewhat concerned as the in depth sexytime talk isn't really this board's phlavor to a great extent. I know that we're generally adults here but the board has largely been more on the side of family friendly.

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