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Covid Vaccination


Covid Vaccination  

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On 1/13/2021 at 10:21 PM, fides' Jack said:

Maybe less money is put into their development because the globalists are taking all of it:


When 1 person makes 190 billion dollars, I don't trust anything they tell us in that field.  There's just too much wealth and power for them to not deceive.

So, yes, the covid vaccine was produced too fast. 

We live in a competitive global free market which is now operating under conditions of a war economy. The world declared war on Covid a year ago. WWII was the model of a global war economy and was fought over just 6 years, including the race to build an atomic bomb. But the primary actor in WWII was nation-states themselves, commandeering every available resource and putting them toward the war effort. In today's global free market, multinational corporations and the global capitalists who lead them are basically private states. This is the world we live in. I understand people are going to take prophetic stands against scientific engineering, but just remember that the prophets were voices in the wilderness. The leaders of the world don't sit around pondering questions of moral philosophy. Science drives democratic debate, but it also limits the debate, because there is only so much that can be subjected to democratic debate in a complex global civilization of 7 billion people. Take your prophetic stand, I applaud you for it, but let's live in reality at the same time. This is a war economy and a private, global war economy at that. Bill Gates is a private owner of massive capital and this system gives public rights and thus power to people based on their privately accumulated capital. Politicians and statesmen are in cahoots with global capitalists because that's how the system is designed to work, it doesn't take any secret conspiracy to account for it. This is the world we have inherited from Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, they launched a revolution based on a radically free market.

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I think that the vaccination should not be mandatory, because there is a lot we do not know for sure.

If you are standing at the beginning of a bridge and you decide you are unsure if you trust the safety of it's construction, all you can do is share with others your own concern but ultimately let the

ummmm no.  I'm just pointing out that the whole "I'll wait and see what happens to to other people" thing is kind of icky. It sounds bad when you say it. It's not the most Christian sentiment in the w

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