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Fr. Ripperger on the roles of men and women within marriage

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One bit of advice of his that I have taken to heart is the need for Catholics to be careful about the things they discuss, especially online, and especially if they aren't sufficiently knowledgeable o

St Gianna Molla didn't have to work. She believed working as a physician was part of God's calling on her life. When her husband suggested she quit, she laughed. Now, saints aren't perfect, but her id

I think the problem with a manual of moral theology from 1921 is neither that it is too old not too recent, but simply that it is too isolated. For a fairly weighty topic I believe we would be reasona

@fides' Jack, I appreciate the humility, and I have also appreciated the discussion.

I have not really encountered much of Fr. Ripperger's videos, but I've always liked him because back in the day I bought his brilliant book The Science of Mental Health, a fascinating (but very academic, not necessarily really for popular reading unless you really want to do a deep dive, I remember he says so himself in the summary and introduction) Thomistic framing of psychology.  Unfortunately at one point in my life I was strapped for cash and sold it, but one day if I ever settle down it's definitely going to get a place in whatever home or office library I collect. 

He's a very smart guy, and I think genuine and devoted too.  Of course that doesn't mean everyone must agree with everything he ever says, but I definitely don't think ppl should be turned away from him on this point either; I certainly am not, although I have some disagreement on the topic.


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