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Mercedarians of the Blessed Sacrament

Lady Grey, Hot

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I know they have been in the United states for many years. They were listed in the book Convent Life by Joan Lexau, published  1964, and I believe also the Book, Guide to Catholic Sisterhoods in the United States,by the Rev. Thomas P.McCarthy,  which was first published in the 1950s, and I think went through other editons. According to their website, they were founded in Mexico, and later in 1925 became part of the Mercedarian Order, founded in the Middle Ages by St.Peter Nolesco. According to their website the order is expanding, and they hope to build I guess a big central motherhouse. If in the US, not sure where. Could be San Antonio, as the Salesian Sisters of St.John Bosco  have a noviate here.

They have a couple of convents in the SanAntonio area.Not sure when they came here to town, could have been during the 1920s  when there was a revolution going on.  The ex-president of Mexico had a house here. The house is gone, but the gardens are still here and part of the University of the Incarnaet Word, run by the Sisters of Charity  of the Incarnate Word.

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They are a wonderful order of sisters! I have visited them before. They are extremely joyful and down to earth. They know how to have fun, and their love of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament practically drips from the walls. They have grown quite a bit in recent years, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon! 

As for their building project they are building a novitiate in Louisiana, where they already have a prayer center. The plans and more info are on the website if you click the "offer support" button under the building announcement on the home page. 

If you have any particular questions about them, I can provide what I know. but the best way to learn more about them, especially if you are discerning, is to contact the assistant vocations director for your region. That info is on their website. =) 

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