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Do you believe that little Colton Burpo met his older miscarried sister in heaven?

Dennis Tate

Do you think the near death experience testimony of little Colton Burpo was sincere and truthful?  

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I personally consider his testimony to be exceptionally impressive and sincere.

How in the world could a four, five, six, seven and eight year old child recount his brush with death in such a way that he challenges the theology of his dad and mom so powerfully?????

I personally believe that little Colton Burpo's testimony is sincere and impressive and as truthful as he humanly could do with what he was shown.  







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This is kind of a funny story.....

but I managed to get myself kicked out of  two Christian denominations in just over one month back in 1991..... because I could no longer go along with the Soul Sleep Theory as it was dogmatically taught by Pastor General Herbert W. Armstrong and his son Evangelist Garner Ted Armstrong.

I suggested to WWCG  Pastor G... M.... that he really should disfellowship me because I could not simply pray and pay tithes now that I had serious doubts about the understanding that we had regarding the state of the dead.  

In just over one month back in 1991 I got myself kicked out of.... disfellowshipped.... ostracized... shunned from the Worldwide Church of God and the Philadelphia Church of God led by Pastor General Gerald Flurry but.......

...... I am generally very thankful that the WWCG got me out of Atheism.....

and gave me a really good foundation for what I have been able to learn since I separated from the Worldwide Church of God.


I am ninety nine percent certain that Pastor General Herbert W. Armstrong and Evangelist Garner Ted Armstrong would love to be able to apologize to all of the Pope's of the last nine decades for calling Roman Catholics and other Christians under informed.... for believing in a rather traditional understanding of heaven , purgatory and hell.  


We all played with fire.... by thinking that our understanding of the State of the Dead helped to make us Worldwide Church of God members The Best of the Best of the Best of the Best of the Best......as Mr. Will Smith so brilliantly said that line in one of his movies..... "Men in Black" ......

Since those good ol' days the WWCG has made many positive changes....... and I am hoping that the PCG has also made positive changes..... (even though I am sure that both groups made very different alterations in church policy).....






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Near death experiencer Dr. Kevin Zadai had really good meetings in Italy and at the Vatican.  What he says about those meetings begins at the one hour and forty seven minute mark in this lecture.



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Mankind's one and only near death experience was when Christ died on the cross and returned three days latter.

We celebrate this day on Easter Sunday


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Posted (edited)
50 minutes ago, little2add said:

Mankind's one and only near death experience was when Christ died on the cross and returned three days latter.

We celebrate this day on Easter Sunday


I truly do appreciate this comment... you are definitely livening up this debate but........

my immediate reaction is that you and I do not fully comprehend the power to resurrect the dead that has been given to Messiah Yeshua - Jesus!

I believe that Messiah Yeshua - Jesus did indeed take the thief on the cross into Paradise that same day that they both died.


My theory is that the First Day of Unleavened Bread was on a Thursday that year... .and the death of Messiah Yeshua - Jesus may have been around perhaps three or four pm in the afternoon.  Perhaps the thief was also dead by five pm and in the one hour or so before the sun set and the First Day of Unleavened Bread began Jesus and the thief on the cross were in Paradise.....

(which I suppose could even be one part of purgatory for all that I know)......  then Jesus went to hell for three days and three nights from sunset Wednesday eventing to sunset Saturday evening and His resurrection may have been at the exact seventy two hour mark from the moment that he went into hell....... near death experiencer Dr. Kevin Zadai goes into being shown about Jesus being three days in hell in chapter six of his book "Heavenly Visitation" which so surprised me that I listened to it on video over and over and over again.


I predict that the Stick of Joseph is being twisted together with the Stick of Judah again and I do believe that Jesus has now put leadership into the Roman Catholic Church... and all denominations of Christianity who will play a role in the fulfillment of Ezekiel chapter thirty seven at this time....... within twenty to fifty years we will all be amazed how much cooperation will exist between Christians and Jews.  




.... (Ezekiel 37:16 - 28) ....  "And thou son of man, take thee a stick: and write upon it: Of Juda, and of the children of Israel his associates: and take another stick and write upon it: For Joseph the stick of Ephraim, and for all the house of Israel, and of his associates. [17] And join them one to the other into one stick, and they shall become one in thy hand. [18] And when the children of thy people shall speak to thee, saying: Wilt thou not tell us what thou meanest by this? [19]Say to them: Thus saith the Lord God: Behold, I will take the stick of Joseph, which is in the hand of Ephraim, and the tribes of Israel that are associated with him, and I will put them together with the stick of Juda, and will make them one stick: and they shall be one in his hand. [20] And the sticks whereon thou hast written, shall be in thy hand, before their eyes. 

[21] And thou shalt say to them: Thus saith the Lord God: Behold, I will take the children of Israel from the midst of the nations whither they are gone: and I will gather them on every side, and will bring them to their own land. [22] And I will make them one nation in the land on the mountains of Israel, and one king shall be king over them all: and they shall no more be two nations, neither shall they be divided any more into two kingdoms. [23] Nor shall they be defiled any more with their idols, nor with their abominations, nor with all their iniquities: and I will save them out of all the places in which they have sinned, and I will cleanse them: and they shall be my people, and I will be their God. [24] And my servant David shall be king over them, and they shall have one shepherd: they shall walk in my judgments, and shall keep my commandments, and shall do them. [25] And they shall dwell in the land which I gave to my servant Jacob, wherein your fathers dwelt, and they shall dwell in it, they and their children, and their children's children, for ever: and David my servant shall be their prince for ever. 

[26] And I will make a covenant of peace with them, it shall be an everlasting covenant with them: and I will establish them, and will multiply them, and will set my sanctuary in the midst of them for ever. [27] And my tabernacle shall be with them: and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. [28] And the nations shall know that I am the Lord the sanctifier of Israel, when my sanctuary shall be in the midst of them for ever.


I believe that the religious authorities of that time wanted to also kill Lazarus not only because he was proof of the power of Jesus to raise the dead but also... .there is even a possibility that Paul after his conversion may have met Lazarus and perhaps Lazarus was the person who Paul spoke of in 2 Corinthians 12:2-4??????



If I must glory (it is not expedient indeed), but I will come to visions and revelations of the Lord. [2] I know a man in Christ above fourteen years ago (whether in the body, I know not, or out of the body, I know not; God knoweth), such a one caught up to the third heaven. [3] And I know such a man (whether in the body, or out of the body, I know not: God knoweth), [4]That he was caught up into paradise, and heard secret words, which it is not granted to man to utter. [5] For such an one I will glory; but for myself I will glory nothing, but in my infirmities.



Another logical theory would be that Paul may have been speaking about his own experience after being stoned to the place where he appeared dead.  I think that that was at Lystra???

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