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Chastity and Vocations

Francis Coffee

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A conversation with Jason Evert of the Chastity Project and Totus Tuus Press..


If you don't know about Jason, he educates high school and college students about the virtue of Chastity. Evert graduated with a Master of Theology from the Franciscan University of Steubenville, with undergraduate degrees in theology and counseling. For more information, visit https://chastity.com “Do not be afraid when Love requires sacrifice. – St John Paul II

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I mentioned a podcast of his where he wanted to raise money to send books on po** and mast******** to every seminarian in the U.S. I donated to the cause. I'm subscribed to his podcast "Lust is Boring".


There's a Catholic ministry for women called Magdala which helps them with those compulsions. It's free and open to other Christians and even non-Christians. The group meetings are free. They also have a blog, podcast, and Patreon book study group for anyone interested. My group and I finished the curriculum and even staid for experimental lessons. There's a high demand for group leaders. In the future, I want to do it. https://www.magdalaministries.org/

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