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Me No Like College

Piccoli Fiori JMJ

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yay, I'm at the Steubenville website, and I can apply online for free! I guess it can't hurt anything to try. None of the other colleges I'm applying to are Catholic, I was kinda staying away from Catholic schools. I went to a Catholic gradeschool, and I HATED religion class. Not religion, just the class. But I've heard good things about Steubenville, so we'll see.


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I don't think my parents will even consider letting me go until I have finished college. They'll probably try to hang on until i'm 34, RIGHT until the last year I can enter...har.

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This is going to sound VERY ODD but bear with me.

I am "glad" (but not really) for all of the challenges you are facing in college. Everything that I have read tells me that you are a threat to Satan.
If you were not a threat I believe you wouldn't be having the problems you do. He doesn't bother "his own." Do you understand what I am saying?

I am thinking you are not so much in "college" as you may be in a
"mission field." These people need you, whether or not they are willing to admit it or are even able to understand it.

Which scripture verse talks about not hiding your light under a basket
but put where people can see it?

What you are going through is LIFE. It doesn't matter what your vocation is, there will always be challenges. Think of it this way before a fight what does a boxer have to do? TRAIN for it right? Okay, this may be your training. This sounds like an opportunity to develop your SPIRITUAL MUSCLES.

My time was when I joined the Army. Talk about trying to live your faith. Military life is college times a hundred. I heard conversations where I would go back to the barracks and take a shower. At every turn LITERALLY my beliefs and faith were ridiculed. Their were people I worked with that went out of their way to make fun of me.

In situations like this your faith "grows up." Pretty much up till this point your faith belongs "to how you were raised." Your parents gave it to you and you took their word for it. Now is when you discover and accept your faith for yourself. You will discover through what you go thru, how your faith "fits you" it becomes personal.

I hope you see what I mean. Edited by ofpheritup
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