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Some of EWTN's PCPA'S are forming a new community


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[quote name='Marieteresa' date='Jul 26 2005, 06:54 PM']Update:

The Nuns are off to California for a 5 day retreat and Praise be to God they are finally getting a A/C installed!!  I can't image how they were living in AZ for that long without A/C its been in the 100's!! 

PRAY FOR ME PLEASE. I HAVEN'T HAD AIR CONDITIONING SINCE LAST SUMMER. My housemate and I have gone to our respective churches to ask for help getting it repaired. No help. We've given up.

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Especially living in Georgia. I live in Houston and I don't know how I'd survive without air conditioning in this humidity. I don't think my breathing could handle it! I'm so glad the sisters are finally getting air conditioning- I'm sure it was very difficult without it, but I imagine the dryness helps a bit.

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Hey folkies,
Just wanted to let you guys know that the PCPA's out in Arizona did put an update page on there website. So if anybody wants to check up on how there doing...Go check it out!

On another note I am just wondering if anyone ran into Sr. Faustina Marie at WYD....Shes a another PCPA nun from OLAM whom is in France for the year!


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That is wonderful news. I'm pretty excited to hear about this new community. :)

I hope this is just the first of many new PCPA monasteries. :)

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