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Novena Prayer Buddies


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Ok all the applications have been sent, so I'm jotting down the names, and going to pray for each of you individually tonight in my prayers and ask God to help me match the right people together.

Your brother in christ,

Eddie Lee

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The Perpetual Novena Vocation Prayer Buddies will never be filled, ten was just a number that I wanted to see if people really thought this was cool. I can't deny anyone prayers, an individual just may have to wait til someone else wants in...

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Noven buddy sounds awesome. I think this will help me focus more on prayer in my life instead of what is going on around me. Eddie, let me know if you find me a novena buddy. i am going on retreat on Sept. 9, 10, and 11 for a Eucharistic Adoration Retreat!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so excited!!!!!!!!!

in him,
sixtina nicolette

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