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Priesthood or marriage, marriage or priesthood

Paladin D

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I'm 19, and I know I don't have the most experience in discernment, but what I've been doing is persuing one in hopes of finding out where God is leading me. As Theologian in Training said pray in adoration "Speak Lord your servant is listening" it is an amazing prayer, and you don't have to just be in adoration. I've been in class before and it has struck me to pray that. Ok so then I loose focus in class, but in those cases it's worth it. Also, let go, let God. He knows where he wants to lead you, you just have to let go of what you want and follow God's lead. Think of it like you and God are in a car and you start out driving and God asks if he can drive for a while. You get out have a Chinese fire drill and God is in control of the car. I can bet, that you will get to your destination safely, no matter where that destination is.

God bless-

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