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Countdown thread!


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I know this may seem silly just for a visit, but I am uber excited! This was the first order that drew me to explore religious life and I cannot wait!!!

14 days!!!!!!!!!!! :woot:

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[quote name='zabbazooey' date='Sep 29 2005, 10:23 AM']nope. first one ever! :D:
Oh man! That will be so exciting!!!! I remember my first visit to a convent! It was in Jan this year! I visited the Louisiana Dominican Nuns :) I am so happy for you!!!!!

I wish for the best during your visit!

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i remeber the first one i visited, it was the martyr sisters in Alton. i was so excited but yet nervous at the same time!!!! I couldnt stop smiling and so forth. But i was 14 when i visited them!!!! i was so young and immature!!!

But I WANT TO GO TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm getting excited just thinking about it, but i'm sitll not sure if i am going. i ahve been trying in the past with sr. mary joseph and she was always too busy!!!!!!!!!

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she said she would call me today sometime but i have to be at work soon, in like an hour!!!!!!! So i better get ready!!!!!!!!!!! i have toc lose tonight and if sister calls me when i am working, i'll call her back when i am on break!!!!!!!!

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Oh Rachel!!! How exciting!!!!!!!! I hope you have a fantastic time! I love the sisters Habits....they are so sweet! Almost make me want to be a Carmelite!!!!!! :P: :D:

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