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I love both groups but I sometimes feel uncomfortable saying I've discerned with more than one group. Sounds flakey. But truly I didn't just enter and say. . .yea, I'm outta here!

You know what one of the sisters in Ohio told me? That one of their postulants entered. . .well, she visited for a few weeks, was SOOO excited about entering. . .she entered and then, lasted a day! She freaked when she realized she was behind cloister doors, apparently. So, one could be an aspirant for a month even. . .it's not the same as entering.

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Hmmm, you 'won't' ? So you won't even consider that as a vocation? One of the reasons, I think, that religious life didn't work out for me, is that I put conditions on my vocation. Once I realized that I was doing that. . .I allowed grace to work. And now? Yea, I believe that He has led me precisely where I was terrified to tread!

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What part bothers you the most? You aren't really being locked up. That was one of the hangups I had to get over. I thought I would be freer if I entered an active order. I later realized that truly, it's not like you can take off for dinner with a friend, or visit when ever you wanted. So there are still some guidelines that you have to follow. You know?

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OK my post didn't post on here. hmmm, what I typed was that most, if not all, communities have rules that you cannot visit families during Advent or Lent. When I was with the Sr of Life, you could visit the week before your retreat before entering the novitiate. Then you could visit after you took your vows, and then every two years. While each community is different, there are some regulations as to when you can visit, no matter when you go.

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[quote name='Sixtina87' date='Feb 17 2006, 01:27 AM']i know that there are refulations where ever you go but not with cloistered life...once you said vows u cant go home!!!
Once you say vows, you ARE home. In fact, it's home long before you take your vows. One of the questions that was asked me here that I sent to Sr. Lauren in a letter was something like 'how do you know when you've found the right community? The one that God wants you to join?" I got her answer just this week. Her answer said something about feeling home. I'll have to go and find it. I'm ashamed to say that I haven't posted her response yet. I don't even remember who asked the question now, senior moment. :blush:

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