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My Journey to the PCPA!

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[quote name='VeniteAdoremus' post='1100850' date='Oct 25 2006, 10:19 AM']
That's so true. When it comes to the Ten Commandments, "respect thine elders" is one of the hardest for me (for example, I haven't murdered anyone in a while, nor really felt the need to...). I'm so happy my mum's coming over from France for my birthday :D:

You'll be getting a new family in a week - how would you have reacted when someone told you ten years ago you'd end up with more than forty sisters? :) Good luck with getting to know all of them.

:D: I would've done this: [size=3]:huh: [/size] :rolling:

Thanks... yes it will be wonderful getting to know them and learning from them, even if it is difficult at times.

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Busy day today... I have Mass, then one of my best friends is coming over, then I have a funeral three hours away, and I still have to work on getting things together. And the local newspaper suddenly decided that they want to run an article about me, which would be great, except I don't why they had to contact me three days before I leave. :rolleyes: And I still have to type up my vocation story for our diocesan website. :wacko: Oy vey... pray I don't lose it. I had a lot of trouble sleeping tonight too... just worried about getting everything done. :mellow: It's Six days until entrance and three days til I leave.

Amidst the stress, this was a good reminder that God must still come first and foremost. The Praises to be said at all Hours, by our Seraphic Father Saint Francis:

all powerful, most holy
sublime ruler of all, you alone are good -
supremely, fully, completely good,
may we render to you all praise,
all honour and all blessing:
may we always ascribe to you alone
everything that is good!


Ciao! :bye: Have a nice day everyone!

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