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The Order Of Mt. Carmel

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[quote name='HisChild' post='1158288' date='Jan 7 2007, 08:50 PM']
When I was a travel nurse, I was unable to be affiliated with any particular parish. So, I was doing my formation with one particular person, as an isolate. I heard that they are going away from that, now, but, if you'd like, if there are no OCDS parishes near you, I could find out, for you, the contact info for whoever you need to speak with regarding isolate formation, and of course, if it's still available.

God bless you.

Thanks Denise. That would be great if you could get a contact. I know of no OCD's near enough to be practical.
Mr. Ray

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[quote name='brendan1104' post='1157758' date='Jan 6 2007, 06:39 PM']
You know, Emile, I would really like to know where you got your information about the Carmel in Colorado Springs. I was a seminarian with their chaplains' community. I am VERY familiar with the history of their foundation, and current status.

They hold the same theological position as their directors. Sadly theirs is not a totally regular position. But they are definitely true Discalced Carmelite Nuns.
Grace and to you, Peace,
Great thanks for the info,i always was sure they were true to the faith and carmel, and in the patience of waiting for Rome its regular to be..irregular!:)
i just love the photos of their carmel and the fact they assist at Traditional Liturgy..just things seem unclear of where they are at under the Bishop.
i was hoping someone with experience would say something , i received my information from a RadTrad Blog guy, who had visited around therein 2005 fall..if i find again his blog ..ill put it up.. and regarding the Servants of the Holy Family, i read below, among many other similar things..
From the Colorado Springs Gazzete
"[i]The Roman Catholic Diocese of Colorado Springs is taking aim at what it calls a renegade church in Black Forest and asking its members to return to the fold.

In a letter to about 60 households, Bishop Michael Sheridan said Servants of the Holy Family is not part of the Roman Catholic Church, despite what church priests tell them.

"I entreat you to separate yourself from the Servants of the Holy Family and return to full communion with the Roman Catholic Church," Sheridan wrote in his letter. "No one can claim to be authentically Catholic if he or she is not in communion with the diocesan bishop and the Pope."

Sheridan said the separation nullifies some Catholic sacraments such as marriage and reconciliation, also called confession or penance.

Former members claim that Servants of the Holy Family is out of sync with the Catholic Church in other ways, too, saying the church is as much a personality cult as a place of worship. [/i]...
Servants of the Holy Family is a church and seminary of 100-150 congregants at 8025 Maverick Road.

Father Allan Kucera, one of five priests at the church, said by e- mail that the church will not answer questions about the church or Sheridan's letter.

"Servants of the Holy Family will neither participate in a public debate or controversy, nor will it in any way contribute to the strife and division already present today in the Catholic Church," Kucera said in his e-mail.

"If anyone is interested, he or she may come and see for themselves what we are about."

i am wondering if the Servants are closely tied and still Chaplains for that Carmel though?or the FSSP

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