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Last Saturday I went to a most beautiful Eucharistic Day of Renewal, where this a woman, Anne, came from Ireland to speak, and I desired to at least be able to share some of this with you guys here. It is a private revelation (with approval from the local bishop), so I know that most would not be particularly interested.. However, for the benefit of those who might, I thought I would write at least something, as I was recently told this is allowed on phatmass. (otherwise I would not write anything)

Anne is a wife and mother of six living in Ireland, from America, who has been receiving messages from Jesus, Mary, God the Father, and many saints for the past several years that are intended not only for her. I mentioned her before in another thread, but really, this work ought to receive its own separate thread. "Anne" who has been asked by Our Lord to remain anonymous, is entirely obedient to the Church and has the approval of her local bishop, [url="http://www.catholiccommunications.ie/Dioceses/kilmore.html"]Bishop Leo O'Reilly[/url] of the [url="http://www.kilmorediocese.ie/"]Diocese of Kilmore[/url] in Ireland.

Here is the official website of this work called [url="http://directionforourtimes.org/"]Direction For Our Times[/url], with the statement from Bishop O'Reilly under the link, "Permission for printing"

The conference I attended with my mom last Saturday was so beautiful ... First, the Rosary was lead by the Polish [url="http://www.cmswr.org/member_communities/DSOIC.htm"]Dominican Sisters of the Immaculate Conception[/url], that are here in Chicago. These sisters were also at the 2 Anne conferences in the Chicago area in 2005. The office of Direction For Our Times in the US has just recently been moved to a shared place at their convent in Justice, IL.

Dr. Mark Miravalle, STD, a deacon and professor of Theology and Mariology at Franciscan University, was one of the speakers and gave a talk about his experience in reading these messages, and how they are in conformity with Church teachings, and just what they are about. He had received all the volumes of "Anne" from someone and had them with him on his trip to Italy last year where he was giving a talk for a conference for priests in Milan. He had been stuck at the airport for 18 hours on his trip home, and ended up going to a little chapel there in the airport, and read all the volumes. He said it was like a second conversion in his life. I have a little write-up of his that I will scan and attach to this thread at the end.

[url="http://www.franciscanconferences.com/speakers/detail.asp?SpeakerID=47"]Fr. Francis Martin[/url] was also there in support of Anne and the work Our Lord wishes to accomplish in this particular mission, and gave an incredibly deep talk on the nature of sin and The Fall.

Fr. Darragh Connolly, the priest from the Diocese of Kilmore appointed to be in charge of this work by Bishop O'Reilly, presided over Mass, with 9 priests concelebrating, and 2 deacons, including Dr. Mark Miravalle, who chanted the Holy Gospel (incredibly well).

“Anne’s” books are published in the Philippines and they have an Imprimatur by the respective bishop there.

These messages, and I’ve only read a few of them, are so incredibly beautiful .. The way Our Lord and Our Lady speak .. and especially the Heavenly Father .. It is just so incredibly encouraging, that I just felt I needed to share this ..

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Yeah my friend pointed this out to me and it was very interesting to read.... thank you so much for posting about this. I think its awesome that she is Irish, but, of course I am more than a little partial. :punk:

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Yes I've met her, with her spiritual director. I am wary of private revelation, and was uncomfortable with her description of purgatory. She also mentioned a meeting with "a cardinal" (she didn't name him) at the Vatican, with whom she and her husband had dinner. She didn't elaborate on that, though, so we couldn't tell if she was telling the truth. She did not seem, however, to be radical, it's just that if her revelations from Our Lord are actually real, I'm not going to start reading them until they're approved.

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Her book the "mist of mercy",I was read to by my sister in law months ago( it was a long phone call) and I got on to her website and now get the monthly news letter.

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The Direction For Our Times Monthly Newletter is awesome!! There's a picture in this month's of some of their volunteers that passed out the [i]Heaven Speaks about Abortion[/i] booklets at the March For Life this year. One of them is a Sister Servant of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara. :j

There are a lot of those little Heaven Speaks booklets & one for Consecrated Souls too. I gave the one to my neighbor who died of cancer a few weeks ago, [i]Heaven Speaks to Those Who Are Dying[/i] and it really helped her .. :sadder: There's one also for those who have suffered clerical abuse. It's good really for anyone that has suffered any type of trauma.

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She does have the approval of her local bishop of the Diocese of Kilmore, and they have submitted all of her writings to The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith for an Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat from Rome, as the messages are being translated now into many different languages and disseminated worldwide. The books are published in the Philippines, and have an Imprimatur from Bishop Federico O. Escaler, S.J. there. At the beginning of each book also, there is a letter of endorsement from retired Archbishop Hannan of New Orleans. Here's what's on their site:

[quote][b]The Church's Position[/b]

Anne works within the magisterium of the Church and in complete obedience to her local bishop. Nothing that Anne writes is published without the permission of her bishop or his designated representative.

Bishop Leo O'Reilly of the Diocese of Kilmore in Ireland has assigned a Spiritual Director to work on a full time basis with Direction For Our Times. All writings have been submitted to the bishop and he has given permission for their publication. In addition to the permission for publication, the bishop has submitted the writings to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Regarding Anne's writings and the organization, Direction For Our Times, the bishop has issued a letter which states:

[i]To Whom It May Concern:
Direction For Our Times (DFOT) is a religious movement founded by "Anne," a lay apostle from our diocese who wishes to remain anonymous. The movement is in its infancy and does not as yet enjoy canonical status. I have asked a priest of the diocese, Fr. Darragh Connolly, to assist in the work of the movement and to ensure that in all its works and publications it remains firmly within the teaching and practice of the Catholic Church.

I have known "Anne," the founder of the movement, for several years. She is a Catholic in good standing in the diocese, a wife and mother of small children, and a woman of deep spirituality. From the beginning, she has always been anxious that everything connected with the movement be subject to the authority of the Church. She has submitted all her writings to me and will not publish anything without my permission. She has submitted her writings to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and I have done so, as well.

In so far as I am able to judge, she is orthodox in her writings and teaching. Her spirituality and the spiritual path that she proposes to those who wish to accept it are in conformity with the teachings of the Church and of the great spiritual writers of the past and present.

+Leo O'Reilly
Bishop of Kilmore
16 June 2006[/i]

For More Information - Clergy
Clergy members seeking further information may contact Fr. Darragh Connolly, Bishop O'Reilly's designated representative in these matters, by calling the DFOT Chicago office at (708) 496-9300.[/quote]

[url="http://www.directionforourtimes.com/churchposition.html"]The Church's Position[/url]

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A letter from Fr. Darragh Connolly on their site:

[quote]Dear Apostles,
Greetings to you in Jesus Christ, the Returning King!

How wonderful it is that God looks after our every need. Recently I was appointed by Bishop Leo O'Reilly to work full time for this organization Direction For Our Times as Spiritual Director. This is a great step forward for the mission. To deem it necessary to place a full time priest on any mission is a big development. Our Bishop is taking great care to help this mission of mercy in every way possible. [b]All the workings are monitored by the Church and this mission remains firmly within the obedience of the Church at all times.[/b][/quote]
[url="http://www.directionforourtimes.com/Darragh%20PR.html"]Fr. Darragh Connolly's complete letter[/url]

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