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Carmel Of Jesus, Mary And Joseph

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yes, they are planning a new foundation :like: it is not a mystery to know this simply because of their numbers now, but also I heard it from a couple sources including a priest who knows them, but I have no idea this time about the location :detective:

I hope these types of orders come to Canada someday! I'm not even aware of a Latin Mass community here.


Can someone who feels called or has discerned with a cloistered community that uses Latin extensively share how this impacts your experience of prayer in the religious life? I hope I am expressing myself clearly-I feel I might be making little sense!
Obviously many feel more comfortable and prayerful praying the Office, etc in the vernacular, but I would appreciate the experience of those who feel drawn to the Latin. Thank you!


I began to be drawn to Latin in the Mass, the Rosary and I also pray the Little Office... I just find its somehow moving spiritually, and after a while I more or less memorize the meaning and can understand it.


That's alright! Actually, this is exactly what I was hoping fellow VSers would share. I am glad to hear that you were pleased with the Latin and would not go back. Is it because personally you feel an increased reverence? A heightened sense of mystery? I am guessing you did not fully comprehend the Latin when you started. Did you find that this did not inhibit prayer?
Perhaps I should start a new thread.. Thank you for your response, inperpetuity!

I think reverence and mystery is what I got from it too. I try to read the English too at first so I can understand it. But somehow chanting in Latin just really lifts the mind and heart to God, and I got to memorize the meaning of certain prayers after not too much time. :)
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Thank you so much for the gift suggestions! I just came back from an incredible visit!!! The sisters are SO sweet and kind! God spoiled me and I got to be present for a postulant's clothing and actual

Fresh fruit and/or veggies could be good.  A card with a cash offering that they may use for their needs plus a spiritual bouquet because nuns needs prayers too.

Seconding the fruit and veg. In winter, that's a fabulous treat :) and it's always gone down extra well whenever I've given some to a community.   (Welcome!)

just saw this :like:http://wdtprs.com/blog/2015/03/vocation-as-woman-religious-traditional-carmelites-nuns/ the new location for Elysburg will be Fairfield, PA close to Mount St. Mary's Seminary, and Kensington is going to have an all Dominican Rite Holy Week

also there's a question about the age limit there. it's 35 (& I believe 40 for Externs) although I heard from someone recently that Valparaiso changed theirs to 33. in the past they have made at least one exception though

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J.M. + J.T.

My daughter is a novice at the Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, in Valparaiso. I just wanted to thank you for the donations and to let you know that, especially during the winter months, fruit is a very welcomed gift! Even dried fruit, which can be mailed. (Also various nuts, such as walnuts, almonds, etc.) May God reward you for wanting to provide for the needs of our sweet nuns! Also, stamps are always welcomed and needed. If you send a letter to Carmel, including a book of stamps is an easy thing to do and very appreciated! (I was told they send out around 1,000 cards at Christmas time and then thank you cards as well). For the young lady that recently visited, I am friends with the mom of our postulant that was recently clothed. I heard it was a beautiful and very grace filled day! Prayers for your discernment!  The Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph is truly Heaven. On. Earth. God Bless you all! :-)

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