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Brothers/men Religious Pics......

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Monastic Family of Bethlehem (Brothers)and the Assumption, and St. Bruno.

2 fairly newish Videos.write ups are in French, but the video writing is in English, if you have patience, the slideshow, becomes actual film/movie after a few minutes.
(sorry i can never find the Bethlehem Sisters Livingston manner/ and Brothers threads in here....Margaret Clare?


full screen is 'Plein Ecran' on the bottom right of window.
second one

more to come, including one exclusively on the Nuns.

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[quote name='Staretz' post='1664209' date='Sep 26 2008, 11:13 AM'][url="http://www.flickr.com/photos/talesfromthecenobite/2408644632/"]Me, about 6 months ago now[/url]. I've let the beard grow out a bit now and I enter the Noviciate on October 3, the memorial of Bl. Columba Marmion[/quote]
excellent, Praise God!...also your first full day as a Novice will be for St Bruno...yeah!
FYI, i will be at Pluscarden ( another Subiaco House) thru late October/ November.
oh ops. will you be doing an absentee vote for Oct 14th Election?

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[quote name='Ale' timestamp='1181141903' post='1289407']
This is a new mixed mal/female Italy-based community:

[b]Little poor friars and nuns of jesus and mary (frati poveri di gesù e maria)[/b]They have a franciscan-carmelitan charism and touching and managing money is forbidden by their rule.




They are no longer part of the Roman Catholic Church.
They were never definitively approved but approved only "ad experimentum" (it means "temporarly"): they were expelled from the diocese in which it was their motherhouse because they were forcing young people to join them in their travelling and predications.
There is also talk of threats and deception.
Here you can view the offical document from the Diocese of Caltanissetta in Sicily (Italy) in wich everiyhing is explained:

[url="http://www.dimarzio.it/srs/modules/mydownloads/cache/files/76378295341713762216899826239646-decreto_-_piccoli_frati_e_suore_di_gesu_.pdf"]official document[/url]

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[quote name='Ale' timestamp='1292763011' post='2193446']
They are no longer part of the Roman Catholic Church.
They were never definitively approved but approved only "ad experimentum" (it means "temporarly"): they were expelled from the diocese in which it was their motherhouse because they were forcing young people to join them in their travelling and predications.
There is also talk of threats and deception.
Here you can view the offical document from the Diocese of Caltanissetta in Sicily (Italy) in wich everiyhing is explained:

[url="http://www.dimarzio.it/srs/modules/mydownloads/cache/files/76378295341713762216899826239646-decreto_-_piccoli_frati_e_suore_di_gesu_.pdf"]official document[/url]

Oh my goodness.. I "met" these friars at Catholic Answers.

My heart is beating fast. Oh my goodness.

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typed the whole thing, then used Google Translate:

[quote]less than two years have passed since de benevolent ad experimentum of so-called "Piccollo brothers and sisters of Jesus and

Mary" received into the Episcopal Diocese taxed by decree in May 2008. Since that date many negative signals in respect of

that group are presented to us, and various other parts of the Diocese and the Diocese of Itallie and by some bishops and by

"some" members, who during the year past have created a new iztitutione with the approval of the diocesan of Lamezia Terme.

However, despite this, we have been waiting patiently, hoping that everything returns to normal in that group seeing some good

and good will, at least in some of the components


that we were surprised and deeply saddened in recent times for acts that are degenerate, as the tip of the iceberg, in the

Cathedral on Sunday 28 February at 13.00, ahead of many people with shouts and tumult that the Church certainly does not

deserve Caltanissetta. From this hubbub we are deeply marked out in pain: Bishops, priests, the so-called "Flyers" and the

various families that do not yet give peace.


that there is a general discontent among the people for the way they are recruited as vocations, a way that had not been

equaled in the history of the Church. We need everything, using behavior grossly illcciti as plagiarism, threats, announcement of

punishment, misuse of the word of God detached from its biblical context ... with pressure and behavior contrary to theology

and pastoral practice of the Church.

is not given the slightest vocational discernment, violating the conscience, binding them in an iron flyer initiator the trial, which

looks like a new St. Francis, a prophet of the new millennium. Resulting consequences and disorders of the psyche to libel,

which are among the most serious diseases in the opinion of several doctors and psychiatrists in the city.


that this is a reprehensible conduct that smacks of impropriety and bragging to people, but also against the authority

established; know of disobedience to the rules repeated several times by the bishop and communicated personally to the same



For our part not to mortify the Spirit, but to grasp the obvious lack of orthodoxy and proceed freely, "without law", with initiatives

that are the negation of the interior life of humility and poverty of the Gospel itself.


the serious situation created and that none of us could predict, with a heavy atmosphere of suffering and fragmentation of the

Church that the diocese can no longer tolerate. After obtaining the unanimous opinion of the Council convened Presibiterale

today because it expresses in this regard.

[quote]Establishes and decrees

that the group can no longer depend on flyer, but if I want to redeem themselves for the future will have to strictly abide by the

following mandatory and unconditional provisions:

1. The Bishop will appoint a commission of five priests, will be followed by groups of men or women - improperly called "Little

Brothers and Sisters of Jesus and Mary" - who are living together

2. Among these five priests, the Bishop appointed the Superior, which directly and solely responsible for the aforementioned

groups, as well as direct referent of the bishop.

3. At the top are to refer those who lead the common life and he must give absolute and unconditional obedience.

4. The initiator of these groups - called "Flyer" - will have to suspend all relations with all others, including so-called "allies", at

least for the next three years.

5. To this end flyer must leave the Diocese for a place - indicated by the Bishop - for reflection and personal training, under the

guidance of a spiritual director.

6. Those who have already started living together may continue to perform according to the regulation will be prepared by

Priests commission appointed by the Bishop.

7. all those who have been accepted among the groups of men or women of common life, from the month of January 2009, must

leave this group, divest any kind of dress and return to their families.

8. As long as there will be no legal recognition by the competent ecclesiastical authority, any "promises" given above are not

recognized let alone be considered binding on members.Therefore, remembering that the vote and delivered before a higher

authority and as part of a celebration litugica, all are freed from any constraint a religious, strictly understood.

9. you can no longer allow anyone to take up vocational discernment when and if the Bishop will give official recognition to the


10. and prohibited the so-called "little brothers and sisters" to leave the city of Caltanissetta for activities of evangelization or

the allies to follow other cities or other dioceses.

11. For the so called "allies"establishes the possibility to meet only once a month for a prayer meeting, only in the church of San

Domenico in Caltanissetta, without any catechesis by so-called "little brothers and sisters. " These are forbidden to meet with

"allies" in their homes or in places other than the church of San Domenico.

12. Those who are living together are instituting a fund from which to draw for the needs of all members, including the

installation of telephone and spirit of true poverty must relinquish all electronic and digital, which at present are said to be

trustees and not owners.

13. Those who attend the Theological Institute, for those who accept these disposiozioni can continue to do so until the end of

this Academic Year, after that will have to continue their studies at other academic centers.

14. E 'is binding and must remove from the website any reference to the following: constitution, regulation, vocational

orientation, consecrated laity, bishops who support, catechesis and various miracles, photos with the bishops and so on.

15. If these provisions are accepted - in full and without adding to it - you start experimentally for a period of three years, but

only with the members before January 2009. At the end of this period we will assess what to do. It is obvious that each

provision, and seen as strictly binding on all members of community life.

Given in Caltanissetta on March 3, 2010, the seventh year of the episcopate

+ Mario Russotto

Sac. Andrea Gaetano Muscarella
Vice-Chancellor of the Diocesan[/quote]

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okay let's continue this thread


[url="http://iveamerica.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=104&Itemid=72"]Institute of the Incarnate Word (Contemplative Branch)[/url]


[url="http://www.carmelitehermits.org/"]Carmelite Hermits of Texas[/url]


[url="http://www.franciscanbrothersminor.com/FBM/Home.html"]Franciscan Brothers Minor[/url]

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Guest JosephFe

[color=black][font=Calibri]Dear Brothers and Sisters,[/font][/color]

[color=black][font=Calibri]If it’s written here in this negative decree thatsince May 2008 there only exist a general discontent, why is it that from May2008 right up to the Decree of the 3rd of March 2010 this negative decree didnot also list all these positive signs that here follow ?.. that is the 100positive lay letters, 12 positive priests letters and 2 positive bishopsletters, including one from the same Bishop who wrote the decree ? (of courseall these things I’ve attached for you here below) – letters that say the completeopposite to the negative decree ?!.. From this, one can scientificallyunderstand how reliable the moral "misunderstanding" of this decreeis, that does not correspond with the truth of the facts and the morality that [i]LumenGentium[/i] 25 requests. These things written in the decree could only bewritten for nothing else than an obvious distraction of the author, nothingmore. In fact, for example, have you not read the story of Saint Mary MacKillopwho was declared heretical by an Australian Bishop but who now rather, only afew months ago in Rome at St. Peter’s square was declared a Saint ? Therefore,let’s reflect, it’s clear that these "misunderstandings anddistractions" often happen in the Church and who always ends up paying theprice are those who want to became Saints, with deeds and in the truth.Therefore, I have attached the above listed positive signs from May 2008 upuntil the date of the negative decree (since I’d stored all this info beforeall these things had happened when there wasn’t any password or any omission inthe website as there is now, for the fact that the [i]Little Friars[/i] do notwant to degrade the image of the author of the decree ).[/font][/color]


[color=black][font=Calibri]Therefore, if you want the password, you can ask the [i]LittleFriars[/i] for it through their website: ([url="http://www.poorfriars.net/"]www.poorfriars.net[/url]).Now I tell you even more so, rather, after the negative decree, they’ve beenofficially received in little groups in 6 different dioceses of the world (withmore than 20 positive Episcopal letters – all of them after the negative decree- that testify to all of this and also to the profound spirit of ecclesialcommunion of this community. These letters however, at the moment they don'tpublish for matters of diplomacy and protection from some “evil tongues” whoare putting them through all sorts of difficulties). Therefore, for example, asone of their very recent videos testifies, especially in the last part of thevideo, where an Archbishop speaks.. they’ve been welcomed into Latin America,into the United States, into Africa, and into 3 Dioceses of Italy.. with thesebishops who’ve welcomed them also knowing of the obvious"misunderstanding" scientifically demonstrated. In this video though,as I again repeat, these [i]Little ones of Jesus and Mary[/i] don't preciselyshow where they are, at least for the time being, to avoid being againdisturbed. Therefore, let's not forget the above scientifical-chronologicalevidence of the "misunderstanding" that I have attached below, asJesus himself said, [i]« on the day of judgment people will render an accountfor every unfounded word they speak... »[/i] ( Mt 12, 36ss ) and not only Jesussays this, but also the Church, in which its Canon Law expresses like so: [i]«No one is permitted to illegitimately harm the good reputation which a personpossesses nor violate the right of any person to protect his or her own privacy»[/i] (CCL, Can. 220).[/font][/color]



[color=black]For a greater guarantee know that in these letters the Bishops are alsoin agreement with the founder in having all of them study, and for the majorpart, all in Sacred Theology and licenses of various specializations, and evenmore, as their report cards testify, with high grades, which demonstratesbeyond the "misunderstanding", their profound and elevated Catholic –theological orthodoxy. [/color]

[color=red] [/color]

[i]2 EPISCOPALLETTERS [/i][i](positive- from the 1[sup]st[/sup] of May 2008 up to the negative decree of 3 March2010)[/i]

- Most Rev. Archbishop La Piana, 13August 2008 ( for our mission );

- Most Rev. Bishop Mario Russotto, 19September 2009 ( for an imminent approval ).


[i]12 PRIESTLYLETTERS [/i][i](positive- from 1 May 2008 to negative decree of 3 March 2010)[/i]

- Father Egidio Pudia, 16 July 2008( for a mission );

- Father Giorgio Costantino, 19 September2008 ( for a mission );

- Father Pietro Scolaro, 20 September2008 ( for a mission );

- Father Alessandro Di Fede, 16November 2008 ( for a mission );

- Father Ivan Graci, from 10 Luglio2008 to 21 July 2008 ( for a mission );

- Father Francesco Fruscio, 30 March2009 ( for a mission );

- Father GiuseppeCanalella, 19 April 2009 ( for a mission );

- Father Achille Lomanto, 31 May2009 ( for a mission );

- Father Salvatore Pignatone, 2 June2009 ( for a mission );

- Father Mario Alcamo ( theirex-episcopal delegate ), 4 July 2009 (certificate of perpetual Obedience);

- Father Salvatore Taffaro, 12 September2009 ( for a mission );

- Father Marcello Stanzione, 2 November2009 ( for a mission ).


[i]100 .. LAYLETTERS [/i][i](positive- from 1[sup]st[/sup] of May 2008 to the negative decree of the 3rd of March2010)[/i]


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[url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Titus_Brandsma"]Blessed Titus Brandsma[/url]

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