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Where Are You In Your Religious Discernment?

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I have been accepted into postulancy with the Sisters of Life. My entrance day is in 9 months on Saturday, September 6, 2014. :) Thank you for all your prayers!   Gloria in excelsis Deo!

I've been accepted by a Benedictine house in the UK and we're currently working out a date for me to arrive.

Put in my notice at work. Going to go spend a weekend with my sisters (whom I haven't seen since before Christmas!) the day after I get done! Then I'll have a month off, then I'll enter.  :)

You went to the retreat at Conception Seminary College?
The seminarians from my diocese go there, I'm sure you got to meet them!


Yeah, that's the minor seminary the diocese uses. What diocese are you from? Tulsa?

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Hey there, FP387!

Wow... May 6th, huh?! I will certainly be praying for you.

Coincidentally, May 6th will also be a major milestone in my own discernment. It will mark the first day of the first extended discernment retreat at one of the hermitages/charterhouses that, God willing, I will be permitted to join.

Your brother in Christ,

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I just spent a week with my community in France. They have a huge event there every Pentecost weekend and I was blessed to be able to go for a third year in a row, and a close brother-friend of mine made his perpetual profession there this Sunday and it was a very profound experience for me. I've been to many professions in this community already but it's so much more when it's someone you know and love. I'm so proud of him, of his courage to give his life to God and of his vocation. He has the gift of gab that he uses in the service of Christ and I was really moved by the way he spent the whole weekend evangelizing his relatives and friends who came to be there for him but don't have faith themselves. He's always thinking of the good of others and never himself. Anyway, I've been stuck in my own discernment for months and through all my experiences this week I think I just turned a corner in my heart. I think I know what direction God is leading me in. I'm looking forward to talking with my spiritual director and with the novice mistress of my community here in the US, who asked me to be in contact with her when I got home from France.

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Beginning my application to the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth in just over two weeks' time. :) I've managed to organise some referees and have drafted around thirty questions (and counting) for the Sisters. Truly overjoyed.

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In just over a week I depart for France and while I am there I am going to be able to spend some time with the community I am discerning with. I'm nervous and excited!


You're no longer discerning with the SMMC?  Are you discerning with the Sisters of St. John?  Anyway, have fun!  :)

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You're no longer discerning with the SMMC?  Are you discerning with the Sisters of St. John?  Anyway, have fun!  :)


I'm taking the assumption that if TheresaThomas didn't mention which community, it is probably because she's trying to keep that anonymous.



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Hello! I've been actively discerning for almost 2 years now. If 6 months from now I still feel God calling me and it is His will, I plan on asking for the papers to enter. Could someone who has gone through this process offer some advice? I would be asking for papers while I'm home from college and am worried that I won't be able to go through the necessary physical and psychiatric examinations before I leave towards the end of January. (I won't be back until summer). Thanks!

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