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Where Are You In Your Religious Discernment?


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FP, I'm sorry if I sounded rude.  I was in a mood yesterday.  That doesn't excuse it, though, and I apologize.


I forgive you, but in recompense I expect a thread detailing my glorious attributes.

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I'm back from the monastery road trip - I arrived late Wednesday night and stayed until after Mass this morning.  It was my first time hearing the Divine Office (I went to each Hour) and...wow.  So amazingly beautiful.  And all those psalms and antiphons - so rich in praise to God and such rich food for meditation.  It is a place where one can simply remain - for in the Office one gives glory to God in God's own words, one prays with Christ in His Sacred Humanity and in His Mystical Body, one does the Work of God.   Yesterday I pulled weeds from the melon patch, harvested okra, and watered broccoli sprouts.  I also got started reading Bl. Colomba Marmion's "Christ, the Ideal of the Monk" in the small but excellent guest library.  This morning I rose at 4:25 and walked over the rickety footbridge and over the fields under bright moonlight to get to the first Office of the day.  I was a little late even then but it was lovely to hear the chanting wafting over the grass.  The food was very fresh and I enjoyed the freshly made lemonade for the guests.


I bought three new holy cards.  One I think I will treasure very much is of the Child Jesus.


I mentioned no A/C in the car in a previous post.  Errr...yes, that was definitely a penance.  I'll also be sunburned on one side of my face tomorrow.  Fun.  But SO worth it.

(also, if you want to guess where this is I ask you don't mention it on this thread but PM me if you want. thanks.)

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Wow Chrysostom, that sounds amazing! You sound like you just got back from a retreat  :hehe2:  Can you share what steps you're taking next, or what you're thinking of, if that's ok with you? 

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