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You Know You Are Being Called When...

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[quote name='dominicansoul' post='1903984' date='Jun 28 2009, 11:09 PM']when, no matter how rough things get, how many times you enter and leave, how many times you, yourself decide, "I'm not being called, I'm content to live out my life out in the world..."

....God plops your Sisters right back into your path...

...when you least suspect it... they become part of your world again...

hmmm... I wonder what He is up to? :think:


I smell news. :)

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[quote name='VeniteAdoremus' post='1904016' date='Jun 28 2009, 03:21 PM']I smell news. :)[/quote]

...well, not really news... just that the DSMME are beginning their "new" community down here just 15 minutes away from where I live!

I told Sr. Joseph Andrew how close by I was, and she answered, "WONDERFUL! God must have wanted this!!! God loves you, sweet Patricia!"


I love them! And I'm happy they will be so close, and in a parish where I am active....

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[quote name='TeresaBenedicta' post='1904363' date='Jun 28 2009, 05:10 PM']when... you find yourself refusing to buy expensive, long lasting items, thinking that it's not worth the short amount of time you'd use it...[/quote]

Actually I went schopping with my dad lately to buy some kitchen things for the new student house I moved in (The other two I lived at at my other universities all had shared kitchen supplies for everyboy) But this one not.

So I spend like half an hour walking around the pots and the frying pans... And my dad was getting really stressed out, talking about how "women always need to be so picky" and why that would be such a difficult decision to make, whether to buy the quality good ones or the cheap ones. (well all were not THAT expensive, like really cheap ones for 10 euros and quality ones for like 50 euros)

And he really laughed about my answer, that if I enter in two years, then its not worth buying the expensive ones. But if I decide to keep on studying, it would take me like 5 1/2 years until I entered and then I would need the better quality ones, b/c the cheap ones would not survive more than 2 years...

So then he said: Well its easy . Just decide which pots you want to have and enter when the pots will break down. :lol_roll:

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the lords sheep

[quote name='juchu' post='1905425' date='Jun 29 2009, 09:24 PM']So then he said: Well its easy . Just decide which pots you want to have and enter when the pots will break down. :lol_roll:[/quote]

That's great!!!

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[quote name='littlesister' post='1905588' date='Jun 29 2009, 06:56 PM']That sounds like something my father would have said![/quote]

Yes, my dad is great and has a really good sense of humor.

So I am glad that he is applying that humor to that "my daughter is crazy and wants to join the convent instead of doing her PhD" ;)

Oh yes, and I did end up buying the cheap pots :rolleyes: :wacko:

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...You look at a bag of Domino Sugar, and think, "St. Dominic...", "Dominican Order". :)

...Daily suppertime conversation involves a family member saying, "When you enter the order...". (and if I do enter a Carmelite convent, I'll be waiting for my dad to call me a "Caramel Nun" - don't ask. :P)

...A friend decides that you really should read an article in Catholic Review about Catholic hermatiges (there was one recently) and hints that they "gave it to you for a reason". :bigthink:

...A family member keeps giving you articles about nuns.

...You have a house program on your computer and design convents and convent churches.

...When thinking about taking off for a vacation, you look at which convents are having retreats.

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[quote name='Jennifer G.' post='1909238' date='Jul 3 2009, 08:35 PM']...When thinking about taking off for a vacation, you look at which convents are having retreats.[/quote]


Oh my, YES!

And then try explaining to your secular friends how you're actually super-excited about that, thank you very much :)

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...being curious about nuns, you're watching a video on YouTube and a nun talks about asking Mary, so you do that before Mass. During mass, you visualize yourself in a habit, and after Mass, an elderly parishioner (who's part of a parish ministry - altar society) tells you "You look like a nun! You should be a nun!"! :unsure: :o ;) And you feel all giddy inside! :hehe:

...Then you think about wearing your "Carmelite Outfit" (brown slacks and brown jacket) next week. :)

Edited by Jennifer G.
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[quote name='Thomist-in-Training' post='1911788' date='Jul 5 2009, 02:45 PM']When you're so poor that you don't give things to the nuns, they give things to you!![/quote]

The first time I got a Christmas present from a priest, I wanted to return it and give him his money back.

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When you're at a relative's assisted living home (that you've previously though looks like it would make a good nun's convent, and think of the Carmelite Nuns of the Aged and Infirm), you willingly help an elderly lady who grabs your arm and wants you to help her walk (she didn't know where. :)), and you feel a certain "tug" on your heartstrings.

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