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  2. Nunsuch

    Best books about nuns

    Perhaps, although "My Beloved" doesn't represent the vast majority of Carmels today, just as more traditional PCC communities don't represent all Poor Clares. I simply suggest that there are more current books about religious life. I'm not talking about rigorous theology, such as those by Sandra M. Schneiders, IHM, which might not be everyone's cup of tea (I think she's remarkable). But there are books and essays that represent a wide spectrum of women religious around the world. Another great resource is Global Sisters Report (globalsistersreport.org) which has writings by and about sisters and nuns internationally.
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  5. beatitude


    If I understand your post correctly, you haven't been going to Mass. The first thing to do is to return to the sacraments. As you're able to pray the rosary, ask Our Lady to help you get there, because we can do nothing without them. It doesn't make sense to think about giving your life to Christ as a religious if you can't bring yourself to receive his gift of himself to you in the Eucharist. As he said to Peter, "Unless you let me wash your feet, you can have no part in me." I think the same thing applies here. I'm happy to see you back on the phorum, and I will pray for you.
  6. sr.christinaosf

    Thoughts from a Franciscan Sister

    Thanks - 46 more days!
  7. JHFamily

    Best books about nuns

    Well, that depends. "The Right to be Merry" is still very much like the Poor Clare Collettines of today, with just a few changes, and the same applies to "My Beloved" and some Carmelite monasteries, particularly the JMJ Carmels. It just depends on what someone is attracted to.
  8. Gary david

    Drop a word, keep a word

    Body armour I almost didnt notice the faces in that dent. Thats so weird!
  9. chrysostom


  10. Peace and Good! Today, once again, I want to introduce you to Holy Week experiences in Portugal. After Braga, the city where I live, I send you the link to an entry on my blog where I posted some videos and photographs of a pious tradition in the parish of Penha Garcia, Idanha-a-Nova, where a group of ladies, at midnight on Good Friday to Holy Saturday, they roam the streets of the parish reciting a Rosary in which the Hail Mary are replaced by another traditional prayer, and they make the Stations of Cross. The ladies dress in black and almost all go barefoot: http://duxspinensis.blogspot.com/2019/03/santos-passos-em-penha-garcia-idanha.html To all of you the greatest blessings of the Risen Jesus, Mary and Francis! Br. Alberto Guimaraes OFS Braga ─ Portugal
  11. Ice_nine

    Wife or the Other Woman?

    That's just like, your opinion man. When it's just a matter of perception it's not really solid grounds for an argument either way. It may appear to me, for reasons of bias, filtering, or whatever, that women indeed do get the short end of the stick in these situations. Doesn't mean it bears any truth. I've known women who treat their mans pretty crappily, and men who are scumbags to their women. I've seen situations where more support is given to the man, and more to the woman. It's really a tossup. And how that support comes in is often a reflection of how we perceive the general unfairness towards one gender or another. As per the original post, if the actual story is as one-sided as the author claims, then well yeah that's pretty crappy. Good people do suffer injustice. One must wonder how such a wonderful and faithful person was duped into thinking this guy wasn't a turd, but I've suffered the weakness of being taken advantage of so it's not totally alien to me. It still doesn't eliminate my fault. There comes a point where you allow someone to take advantage of you (again human weaknesses and incompetencies, those pesky things). Unfortunately if the original story is true, then it smells of elderberries that the wife only realized her husband was a tool after they said their vows. But yeah, case by case basis is probably the best way to go with this. And a healthy, objective, get both sides of the story type thing is probably good too. I think people fall victim to unfairness all of the time, but to make sweeping generalizations about who typically gets screwed over more (men vs women) isn't helpful to anyone.
  12. Nunsuch

    Best books about nuns

    I think if people are reading such books as aids to discernment, they need to read books that are more recent. Those written a half century or more ago are not going to give an accurate portrait of religious life today. There are so many good books about religious life in the 21st century! But nostalgia is not a good guide to the future. For the record, I have read all of the books mentioned here. While they may have been enjoyable, they do not really present good insight into what is going on now. Of course, if people are just reading them for historical insight, they are more appropriate but, even then, they are very case-specific.
  13. GraceUk

    Best books about nuns

    I also loved In this House of Brede and if anybody hasn't read it yet they should as I'm sure they'd enjoy it. Because it's such a long book it goes into loads of detail and is really absorbing. I think Mother Catherine wrote a biography perhaps of a saint or another sister but not too sure.
  14. Peace and Good! Here is the link to the video I did during Maundy Thursday night procession here, at Braga, Portugal. Typical are the barefoot «farricocos» bearing iron cressets with burning pinecones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYe6rZom2w0 Follow enjoying a Holy Easter! Blessings! Br. Alberto Guimaraes OFS Braga ─ Portugal
  15. orapronobis


    Hi, I don’t know if anyone remembers me, I used to post in here in about 2015. In the past 4 years I’ve fallen away from actively practicing the faith, although I still pray my rosary and go into churches when masses aren’t on in order to pray. I’m in a happy and committed relationship but I still feel this pull to religious life. I would appreciate any prayers and advice you may have!
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  17. GraceUk

    Best books about nuns

    It seems like ages since books were discussed. My favourite of all I I think is a Right to be Merry. And another one by a poor Clare in the UK this time is Barefoot Journey and sequel Spring Comes barefoot. Poor Clare's seem to have a lot of fun despite their austere rule. Two other books I read which were by nuns that eventually left their orders but they were really uplifting. Heaven by the hems about somebody who entered the Cistercian order. This is a very old book but I loved it. Another more recent one is the Secret Ladder about a woman who entered Carmel in her late forties. Anyone read these.
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  19. Lilllabettt

    Wife or the Other Woman?

    I read this and was enraged: Husband, Wife, and the Other Woman: who will you stand with? Certainly the Catholic Church has a long history of casting the faithful aside. When my sister was facing the prospect of divorce, her chief fear was not the decades of celibacy she might face in remaining faithful to her vows, but the risk of a rubber stamp annulment that would strip her of her rights and dignity and declare her a hapless dupe. @CatherineM didnt you grant pretty much 100% of annulments? I recall you saying something like, the fact someine is seeking an annulment is itself proof that the marriage wasnt real.
  20. catholicinsd

    Queen Fabiola's Funeral

    Thanks for the information. I knew Her Majesty was Spanish, so I assumed this was something in homage to that.
  21. catholicinsd

    The American First Lady

    In this same vein, is R. Megan Markel actually Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex or she still- in the eyes of Holy Mother Church- Mrs. Trevor Engelson?
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