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  2. Nihil Obstat

    Missing Old Phatmass Members

    Meh. I married one and have a bunch of PMer in-laws, so I get my fill.
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  4. Sister Therese

    Servants of The Sacred Cross

    There are many beautiful private and public associations the faithful one may consider. unable to comment on why they were disband as I was not privy to that information. Any Christian or Catholic is free to join a private or public association of the faithful. Upon reviewing their statutes and process for membership determine whether one feels called to their charisma . You can search the Internet for many different types of public and private associations of the faithful. Looking in your Diocese area . Some allow for men and women married or unmarried ,and so on . Some require a
  5. SicutColumba

    Charles de Foucauld

    If anyone else is in need of a prayer like this, featuring a lumbering, awkward, heavy-handed translation by yours truly. (Ne m’en voulez pas, s’il vous plaît !) Yesterday Pope Francis announced the forthcoming canonization of Blessed Charles de Foucauld, revert, explorer, soldier, brother, priest, missionary, martyr. There’s a fantastic biography about him called Charles de Foucauld, explorateur au Maroc, ermite au Sahara by René Bazin. This prayer is based on a meditation written in Syria in the 1890s. The meditation was adapted and has become very well-known in the following format. Idk I j
  6. Do you any of miss old Phatmass members?? I used to frequent Phatmass, under a different username, back in 2011-2013 or so. Perhaps it is nostalgia for a simpler/better time, but I miss some of the people I used to talk to. I wish I would have maintained contact with some of the people I talked to. Do you any of you all ever feel that way or am I being too sentimental over online conversations? :)
  7. GraceUk

    Servants of The Sacred Cross

    I'm still confused. I don't know anything about them apart from what I've read on here. Why were they disbanded. I don't think its on to go around dressed in a full nuns habit if you are not a nun. Especially if you are married. Sorry if I have misunderstood.,
  8. InCordeJesuEtMariae

    Retreat questions

    There’s a beautiful cloistered Dominican monastery in New Guilford, Connecticut. They do offer private retreats for women. Because of the virus, I don’t know if they have it available right now. CT is one of the States that have been very strict on what can and can’t resume right now. It’s worth looking into though and see what they say. Blessings in your discernment!
  9. BarbaraTherese

    Private Vows in The Laity/Spirituality

    I'm having computer problems. Technician wont be here until Monday 10th May.
  10. Hna.Caridad

    Today Is Star Wars Day

    Bumping...because Star Wars is better than Star Trek.
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  12. jeremiahshine

    Techno = Satan

    I would say there's a scientific argument that Gregorian chanting can be seen as "trance" music...or any music or steady beat is trance music, and of course, the drive to make music causes some to use every available tool to make sound. Perhaps safer to say, "Much Techno music seems to be counter-Biblical principals/Jesus's advice. My last post was a response to you. As far as the fornication urge thing... C'est la vie. It's what you do with it that counts. Physiologically it's probably good to clean the pipes out once and a while. And who's to truly judge our sins
  13. jeremiahshine

    Why Do Priests And Religious Write "jmj" At The Tops Of Page

    Interesting! My grandpa taught me (most of the teachers in school were lay teachers). I was the only one to do it and eventually stopped) to make a small cross, put a J over the trunk, an "M" by the left (my left) branch, and a "J" by the right branch. Upper right corner. He initiated me into the world of Excommunicated Hibernian priests who disavowed Vatican II. I remember the old priest spitting gravel to get to a death rite in Cleveland 5 hours away one afternoon.
  14. srmarymichael

    Canine conundrum

    When I was discerning Religious Life, I had quite a social life and family life. It was weird - even before I knew that I was about to find the Community God was calling me to, I started experiencing a detachment from them. A healthy detachment. It was happening for months - so when it came time for me to really find where God was calling me to and then eventually, it was amazing how the Grace was there when I needed it!!! So I encourage you to ask God to open your heart to His Will, giving you the grace for healthy detachment on all levels when and if it's time for that. Jesus, I Trus
  15. Sister Therese

    Servants of The Sacred Cross

    I believe you were speaking about “The Servants of the Sacred Cross A private association of the faithful.” They fall under canon law as a private association of the faithful. A private association exist in virtue of a private agreement among its members. A private association may or may not be recognized by a local church authority, according to the wishes of its members. The faithful may form associations on their own without any intervention of church authority. At the same time, and association of the faithful, by definition, always shows respect for church authority and works to pro
  16. srmarymichael

    Accepts "mature" vocations

    I checked the CMSWR forum (internal for members). Most of these Communities said they would consider an older vocation on an individual basis: - Mother Emily Ann Lindsey, A.S.S.P. - Sister Rose Therese Mann, OSF - Sister M Jean Louise Schafer, OSF, at ndfranciscan@yahoo.com. - Sister Bernadette McCauley, SCC Our Community would also consider an older vocation on an individual basis. If I remember the other Communities that do, I will post them here.... God bless you!
  17. srmarymichael

    Retreat questions

    We have guest rooms that many use for private retreats. Not sure where you live - we are in Panhandle, Texas. May the Lord bless you, guide and draw you closer to His Sacred Heart!
  18. srmarymichael

    Mixed Order?

    Just found this thread . . . I have met many a CarmaFranciscan. Or a Francarmelite. I forget how she said it.... For example, when I entered our Franciscan Community, my classmate had just spent years as a lay Carmelite and was in a Carmel as a novice before transferring to our Community. She of course shared with me all of the great teachings of Teresa (of Avila) and Theresa (Little Flower). We even had retreats by Fr. Thomas Dubay on Contemplation, etc. I later fell in love with Edith Stein and Elizabeth of the Trinity. St. Francis lived the Gospel and contemplation, but he
  19. GraceUk

    Servants of The Sacred Cross

    I am a bit confused about all this. I think there was another thread about a similar group who were told not to wear a religious habit as some of them were married. Are these the same ones. And they didn't have the approval of the church.,
  20. srmarymichael

    Do nuns visit their families?

    In our Community, we are encouraged to visit our families, especially our parents, because they are our biggest benefactors. They gave us their daughter. We, as many Communities, have so many days they can visit each year. Also, it's always important to remember, as said above, God has ways of working things out. The most important question for you is, "What is God calling me to?" Then trust that the grace will be there when you need it. God is SO good!
  21. HollyDolly

    Do nuns visit their families?

    yes, Sisters can stay with family.For how long depends on the order. I have some photos of my great aunt Sister Mary Generose SSND. when she went to visit Hot Springs,Ark. to see her mother and sisters,the photos were taken in the 1930s,. So even way back when you could see family.
  22. BarbaraTherese

    Servants of The Sacred Cross

    I did think it was something really new and courageous. For the few years I was in touch with Mother Wendy, I found her to be a lovely woman and very willing to answer all questions - unlike (some only) other persons of religion with whom I might have had some contact. I do feel for Mother Wendy and the sisters if the SSC has been disbanded and hope they will find every consolation in Faith as their journeys continue wherever The Lord may lead.
  23. Antigonos

    Sister Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus Christ.

    I've been following them since they formed in [IIRC] 2004. Definitely what I'd call a "class act". And yes, they do seem to be getting about as many vocations as they can handle. They refer to themselves as a contemplative, non-cloistered order, which seems a nice balance.
  24. Sister Therese

    The Community That Never Was (Legitimate)

    The clearest definition I read that’s far other than the canon themselves. It’s an article under the blessings of being a public association of the faithful. to quote the article; various associations of the faithful; The church recognizes the work of the Holy Spirit among the faithful, inspires various joint efforts to promote the Christian life, in general, and to promote specific aspects of our life in Christ . The faithful may form associations on their own without any intervention of the church authority. At the same time and association of the faithful, by definition
  25. Nunsuch

    Do nuns visit their families?

    I'd only respond to @NadaTeTurbeby suggesting that in some communities the canonical year is the second of a 2-year novitiate. Again, it's always best to check what the rules or customs are of a particular community--though almost all active groups do provide for plenty of home visits (except during the canonical year and, sometimes, though the formation period).
  26. C Therese

    Servants of The Sacred Cross

    As Barbara had stated private associations of the faithful most certainly is where SSC was well-placed. You only need to read the cannons regarding private associations of the faithful to understand these women of faith. The simple rule, prayer, witness,Study. And the many works of mercy each of them participated within their own diocese. Catechist, prison ministries, nursing, prayer, praying for priest and scripture study & and in the secular workplace. The kindness, generosity a beautiful thing for those witnessing these women. Ecclesiastical Authorities from the
  27. sr.christinaosf

    Thoughts from a Franciscan Sister

    Thursday evening, I wrote a little poem, musing about spring. After yesterday’s adventure (taking the dog for a run with my bike--and taking a tumble), I added some additional verses. It’s not the world’s greatest piece of literature, but I hope you enjoy it, nonetheless. This is a time of year, this spring, for patience and for hope, for seeing tiny blades of green above the bear earth poke -- Heads stretching toward the sun to get the rays they need to grow into healthy plants from tiny little seeds...
  28. NadaTeTurbe

    Do nuns visit their families?

    Every community, however, have a year of novitiate where contact with your family are more limited. For exemple, in a community I'm close with, visits with the family are not regulated (two visit are "required" and paid for by the community : one in summer, one after Christmas, then it's a "do what you want"), excepted for the first year in novitiate. Also, one thing I've been told time and time again, is that no community, no matter how cloistered, should ever ask you to cut contact with your family. Even, the Martin sisters in their Carmel in the XIXth century were able to stay very close
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