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    fides' Jack's Mega Anti-Vax Thread

    Perhaps because COVID shots last only a short period of time, and because people avoid getting them? Therefore, in order to administer 26 million doses, they must purchase ten times that amount over a period of time (ie. not all at once) in order to have vaccine on hand when people become convinced to head in for their next dose. They are calculating in waste, and they can't buy doses individually; they have to buy doses by the vial. Once the vial has been made, it has an expiration date. They apparently know that on average, only a tenth of a vial is being used before the vial expires. Look at how consistent that 10% number is between Australia and Canada; that's pretty telling. This is because a virus is an evolving organism. There is no one COVID. There never has been. Each individual, microscopic virion is its own organism with its own (potentially) unique RNA and surface proteins. Had everyone been vaccinated immediately (even if people were willing, this would still have been a logistical nightmare, especially in third-world countries which represent a sizable reservoir of virus), the virus would have stopped mutating and evolving. Unfortunately, some people chose not to get vaccinated, and others could not be vaccinated due to logistical constraints. The result is that the virus has and will continue to mutate. Some strains will be more or less resistant to immunities acquired from vaccines or prior infections. I'm not sure if this is the goal of @little2add in posting this, but for anyone to use data such as these in order to conclude that "therefore vaccines are ineffective" is disingenuous. For in this instance, it was those who were not vaccinated who enabled the evolution and spread of mutated variants.
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  4. THANKS! I don't know what I did wrong, but I'm glad you caught it and fixed it so quickly!
  5. The link just goes to this thread. Here's the real one. https://www.monasterygreetings.com/
  6. tinytherese

    Demons are aliens

  7. There's a thread in the Debate Table about Black Friday, shopping, etc. It made me think of alternatives to the standard consumerist-marketing-advertising-mall-madness approach. Many monasteries sell the work of their hands to support themselves. A lot of those monasteries now have online stores, although some have in-person shopping only. Consider purchasing your Christmas gifts from a monastery! You will be supporting them; if you shop in-person or directly on their web site, you'll learn more about them; and you'll like the work of their hands! *Order well in advance - sometimes they run out of product!* And, of course, many monasteries still offer perpetual enrollment cards, spiritual bouquet cards, and handmade items, but on a smaller scale than those listed below. Shop local! Shop Church! I'll start, but feel free to add other sources you like. 1. Monastery Greetings – http:// https://www.monasterygreetings.com/ This is a central website that carries goods from many (but not all) monasteries across the country. You support those monasteries by patronizing this site, and one-site-shopping might be easier for you. But you don't learn much about the individual communities. The web sites below are all direct to the communities. There is some overlap among the communities - in other words, one Trappist monastery might offer their own goods plus some from other Trappist monasteries. 2. Genesee, NY - Trappist Monks. Monks Bread, biscotti, crackers, all in a variety of flavors. Some stores across the country carry their bread, but you have to scout around for it. Their products can also be sold for fundraising - they send you catalogs, you take orders from parishioners-organizations-friends-family, you place the master order, they ship it you, you subdivide it and deliver it your clients, and you keep a portion of the profits. https://monksbread.com/ 3. Gethsemani, KY - Trappist Monks. Cheese, fruitcake (with or without Kentucky bourbon), fudge (several flavors, with or without nuts, with or without Kentucky bourbon). This is an extensive web site - look for the menu across the top of the web page. I say "look for it" because it's not particularly obvious.https://www.gethsemanifarms.org/ 4. Ava, MO - Trappist Monks. Fruitcake. Only fruitcake. But very good fruitcake - I'm a living witness! Full (2#) or half (#1). These were originally Trappist monks, and a few of the original monks will continue to live there until they die, but the monastery is now officially Cistercians from Viet Nam. The order is growing so rapidly in Viet Nam that they can't build/expand monasteries fast enough. They made a deal with the Ava Trappists and are continuing fruitcake production. https://www.assumptionabbey.org/fruitcakes 5. Spencer, MA - Trappist Monks. Fruit preserves, jellys, etc. And beer, but I don't know if they can ship that. Their preserves are also sold in some stores across the country, but you have to scout around for them. https://trappistpreserves.pairsite.com/ 6. Dubuque, IA - Trappistine Nuns. Caramels, mints, etc. Good stuff! I'm a living witness. They also have a gift-of-the-month plan. https://monasterycandy.com/ 7. Redwoods, CA - Trappistine Nuns. Creamed honey in six flavors. Good stuff! I'm a living witness. https://store.redwoodsabbey.org/collections/honey 8. Conception, MO - Benedictine Monks. This is The Printery House, and you may already receive their catalog. They have cards for all occasions, stationery, books, Advent items, Christmas items, and Catholic Kitchen Sinks (I believe). https://www.printeryhouse.org/ 9. Subiaco, AR - Benedictine Monks. Red and green Habanero sauces, peanut brittle (I've never understood the point of peanut brittle), soap, handmade items in wood, and beer (although I don't know if they ship that). https://www.countrymonks.biz/ 10. St. Benedict, LA - Benedictine Monks. A full array of Catholic goods, plus honey harvested from their own bees (not always available), soap, and I don't know what all else. https://stjosephabbeygiftshop.ecwid.com/ 11. Richardton, ND - Benedictine Monks. This in in-person shopping only. I include it as an example. And for people who might be traveling through North Dakota in the foreseeable future. https://assumptionabbey.com/ 12. Mobile, AL - Visitation Nuns. Another example of in-person shopping only. They're famous for their Heavenly Hash candy, their chocolate mint squares, and their hand-sewn linens. https://www.visitationmonasterymobile.org/ 13. Summit, NJ - Dominican Nuns. Candles, soaps, lip balm, hand creams, etc. They're pretty well known on Phatmass. https://summitdominicans.3dcartstores.com/ 14. Amity, OR - Brigittine Monks. Deluxe chocolates - fudge (9 flavors!) and truffles. https://www.brigittine.org/ 15. Meeteetse, WY - Carmelite Monks. Mystic Monk Coffee. You can buy directly from them, but it's also available through a number of other outlets. https://www.mysticmonkcoffee.com/
  8. Sapientia

    Dominican Nuns in Linden, Virginia

    I would also be very interested to know if anyone has experience with them. I have done some research on Dominican communities but never came across this one- thanks for putting them on my radar!
  9. Thanks for posting this! So glad for these PCCs.
  10. SisterChristina Marie Neumann

    Thoughts from a Franciscan Sister

  11. President Donald J. Trump is up against Bill Gates and all people who follow what Bill Gates is advocating..... ...... I do believe that all of us do that to at least some degree....... I tend to be what could be termed overly optimistic and I know that I know that this is due to the amazing people that I met during my sixty three years! Bill Gates is the poster boy for Neo-Malthusian Economic Theory...... and I am sure that his PESSIMISM is largely the result of the people that he knew during his sixty five years! We also judge others by what we see within ourselves...... and all that time that he spent with Epstein would tend to make anybody rather PESSIMISTIC and unable to visualize the vastly improved world of 2032 that was shown to near death experiencer and former Atheist Mellen Thomas Benedict. Bill Gates thinks that all of us are just PREDATORS at heart.... because he sees a predator WITHIN himself!!!!!! Actually..... William Gates III knows how to use FOUNDATIONS to make it LOOK like he is giving at least half of his wealth to philanthropy but but he is actually using what looks like philantrophy to increase his earnings and his levels of influence and power beyond what he could have done through a traditional company PLUS HE HAS THE ADDED BONUS OF PAYING VIRTUALLY NO INCOME TAX AT ALL!!!!!!!! BILL GATES DOES NOT BELIEVE THAT WHAT WAS SHOWN TO NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCER MELLEN THOMAS BENEDICT ABOUT THE YEAR 2032 IS AT ALL POSSIBLE!!! HE IS TOO PESSIMISTIC!!!!! His near death experience was in 1982 so add FIFTY YEARS to that and you have 2032...... and numerous near death experiencers have been shown that the next decade is going to be one of the most positive transformations in all of earth's history! ... Near death experiencer Mellen Benedict .... "Your theology and a Basic Minimum Income? " I have believed for many years now that if somebody's religious beliefs is PRO-LIFE then they should also tend to support a Basic Minimum Income for all citizens as was advocated by Economist Milton Friedman. An UNCONDITIONAL BASIC MINIMUM INCOME would give added life to organizations that are attempting to help the homeless.... drug addicts....... alcoholics...... the sex industry... gambling.... and would become a source of revenue that courts could divert over from fathers to a mom who has custody of the children and is actually caring for the children! I am Pro - Life and I definitely think that an unconditional Basic Minimum Income to all citizens will positively alter the economy of The United States and Canada and soon other nations will follow suit because our history shows how this idea goes back many decades.
  12. little2add

    fides' Jack's Mega Anti-Vax Thread

    Vaccinated people now make majority of COVID deaths in US: Report For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020, a majority of Americans dying from Covid were at least partially vaccinated, according to the new analysis of federal and state data. In a startling revelation, a Washington Post analysis has found that more vaccinated people are now dying of the Covid disease and 58 per cent of coronavirus deaths in August in the US "were people who were vaccinated or boosted". For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020, a majority of Americans dying from Covid were at least partially vaccinated, according to the new analysis of federal and state data. "We can no longer say this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated," said Kaiser Family Foundation vice president Cynthia Cox, who conducted the analysis on behalf of the Washington Post.
  13. little2add


    There are 3 main topics of division right now in our country, Abortion, LGBTQ and climate change. I can't help but feel these divisive topics have been manufactured for just that purpose, division. "United we stand Divided we fall" is not just a motto, it's a warning. America keeps on getting dumber and dumber, because we have become lazy to read history and research deeply on critical issues.There is no critical thinking in this society and social media has become our best friend. America self imploding on its own idiocy.
  14. little2add


    Aunt Jemima is now Pearl Milling Company, just had a stack of pancakes for breakfast with butter, maple syrup and whipped cream on top. Do you feel the original old design is offensive or racist ? I don’t
  15. Catholicmom97

    The Last Catholic Forum

    This is actually really sad to me because ever since catholic answers ended their q & a forum for the public its been difficult finding answers to specific religious questions that the catholic answers apologists don't answer in detail. They also made it so you can't even read old questions that are still relevant which is super frustrating. I really liked answering other peoples questions especially when they seemed like they needed encouragement. The internet really needed a place for Catholics to come together and talk openly without judgment about things they feel uncomfortable speaking with a priest or family in person with. Plus, a lot of priests don't have all the answers right then and there which again was great about asking the internet. You could have multiple answers from across the world within minutes helping you discern something. Granted, some people were not catholic and would come off with out of pocket answers but it was still nice to have. It helped me a lot through my teenage years.
  16. As far as I know this is the last Catholic forum to exist. Both CAF and Fisheaters no longer exist. I wonder how long this forum will last? It's not too active anymore, unfortunately. Most, if not the majority, of the people that made this place worth visiting no longer post, which is sad, but all good things must come to an end, right?
  17. Last week
  18. There is a word that seminary students tend to love – maybe because it’s a big word and makes people feel intelligent: “eschatological”. Today’s readings are eschatological in nature. That is, they deal with the end of the world, the end of humankind, the Judgment Day, the destiny of humanity. So, what’s the point, you might ask, of Jesus bringing up the end of things just to tell us that we don’t know anything about it? By telling us that we don’t know about the eschaton, Jesus tells us a lot. It can be easy to fall into the trap of making our faith about the end goal – heaven! As a people who are marked by death and resurrection, we can become enamored with thinking about what God’s kingdom will be like – and, when that happens, we can lose sight of the gift we have been given in this world and in this life. At the beginning of Creation, when God was busy forming things and Adam was naming all of the things with feathers, or fur, or leaves – God called this good. This world: good. Us, made in God’s image: good. Our lives of faith are not supposed to be focused on the world and creation to come to the detriment of this one – we have been given a mandate to love the place where we are. Many of us, of course, are concerned about climate change. We are in a climate crisis, and our world is on fire. Given this predicament, it makes sense that we would also be eager to look for the eschaton – another world, coming to save us from this mess we’ve made! Trying to find solutions for problems like climate change can be too big to imagine – too much to bear. The problems are immense, and in trying to address them, we confront our own finitude. Into this particular moment, these words coming to us from Jesus seem particularly important to hear – “about that day and hour no one knows.” Living in the unknown – in what we cannot fathom or plan for – can make us crazy. We want certainty! We want to know how things are going to be! Unfortunately, that’s not what Jesus is offering us. He is offering us an invitation into the world we are already in – an invitation to this planet, to this world, to this time and place. How are we to ready ourselves for the day of his coming? Paradoxically, we can ready ourselves to leave this world by truly living in it, by soaking up every grace-filled moment. This Advent season is one that too often comes and goes without our noticing it. We gather family and friends but often focus on the shopping we haven’t done or the menu that didn’t turn out quite like the picture. Jesus is coming at an unexpected hour – it might be in the moment you have on Christmas Eve. Maybe you will find Jesus in the flicker of candles at church. Jesus might come as your child bursts through the door, happy to be home after the first semester at college. We don’t know when Jesus could surprise us – but we can be sure that it will be in this world, using what has been ordinary and transforming it into something wonderful. After all, this is the God who comes to us in the most ordinary bread and wine each week, transforming these simple elements into food for our journeys. The hour is late as we begin a new Advent. Let us begin again in this Eucharist. As we sing in today’s Psalm, “let us go rejoicing to the house of the Lord.” Let us give thanks to His name, keeping watch for His coming, knowing that our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. “About that day and hour no one knows,” says Jesus – today, may this be for us an invitation. Jesus is waiting, ready to surprise and delight. Amen.
  19. fides' Jack

    "black friday" reminder (what would Jesus buy?)

    I had the same thought. We should not make caricatures of any member of the Blessed Trinity, or of the Blessed Mother.
  20. Nunsuch

    Servants of the Children of Light

    You might want to try the Religious Life Institute in the UK for information. https://www.mbit.cam.ac.uk/avada_portfolio/religious-life-vitality/
  21. Advent is a beautiful time of year to be more aware of your relationship with God and the saints and gain guidance from them. This First Week of Advent Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity invite young women 20-35 to an Advent Online Discernment Evening: 6:15 – 7:30 PM CST on Wednesday, November 30. Focus on St Francis' love for the Eucharist and his devotion to Our Blessed Mother. No worries about travel time. No cost for this Advent inspiration. Be at peace in your home setting open to the Lord via Zoom. https://fscc-calledtobe.org/2022/11/25/franciscan-sisters-on-line-advent-discernment-evening-invite/
  22. Didacus

    Where In The Us Should I Move?

    How's the hockey in England?
  23. Didacus

    Rosary - Let's Pray It.

    The First Sorrowful Mystery Le Premier Mystere douloureux The Agony in the Garden L'Agony dans le Jardin Notre Pere, qui est au cieux, Que Ton nom soit sanctifier, Que Ton regne viennes, Que Ta volonter soit faite sur la terre, comme au ciel. Donne-nous aujourd'hui, notre pain de ce jours. Pardonnes-nous nos offenses, comme nous pardonnons aussi a ceux qui nous ont offenser. Ne nous soumet pas a la tentation, mais delivres nous du mal. Amen S1.1 Je vous salut Marie, pleine de grace, le Seigneur est avec vous, et Jesus, le fruit de vos entrailles est beni. Sainte Marie, Mere de Dieu, priez pour nous, pecheurs, maintenance et a l'heure de notre mort. Amen
  24. The violin is string on string, so only string. The panio is made of hammers hitting strings, so it is percussion as well as string. The panio is the perfect mix of drums and guitar!
  25. Didacus

    The Jesus Prayer

    Lord Jesus, Son of Living God, have mercy on me, a sinner.
  26. I found this out today. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was my favorite show as a kid. Please pray for the repose of his soul from Purgatory, his grieving loved ones, and for more people to get help before killing themselves. I remember what a shock it was when Robin Williams committed suicide. Please pray for the repose of his soul and for his loved ones as well. My younger brother attempted suicide over a year ago. I have depression, but have never made a plan to go through with killing myself. Please reach out for help if you need it. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline https://988lifeline.org/ My favorite Batman, Kevin Conroy died earlier this month from cancer. I didn't get into Batman till my twenties though.
  27. lanpingpug

    Servants of the Children of Light

    Desperate to buy the report but I live in the UK so can't send money to them through the post. I really wish they took PayPal!
  28. Didacus

    The Jesus Prayer

    Lord Jesus, Son of the Living God, have mercy on me, a sinner.
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