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"Funny" passages from monastic rules

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For a little skitch - after easter entertainment - I am looking for "funny" passages from religious rules. But since I do not know all of them by heart and have only a little time left to prepare I thought I would ask for your help. Are there passages in the rules of your community that make you smile? That have their sense or have had their sense in the past, but still are simply funny when you think of them being practiced today in your community ?

I hope you understand what you mean - it is not too "make fun of somebody" this will be clear in the content of the skitch.

For example : rule of benedict 71 about mutual obedience :

And if any brother,
for however small a cause,
is corrected in any way by the Abbot or by any of his Superiors,
or if he faintly perceives
that the mind of any Superior is angered or moved against him,
however little,
let him at once, without delay,
prostrate himself on the ground at his feet
and lie there making satisfaction
until that emotion is quieted with a blessing.

I bet all our community would spend their days on the floor ... ;)

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Rule of St. Benedict, Chapter 22:

Let them sleep clothed and girded with cinctures or cords; but let them not have knives at their sides while they sleep(!!!) ... [, lest perhaps they wound themselves in their sleep.]

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Rule of St. Benedict:

"Above all over indulgence is avoided, lest a monk experience indigestion."

Right. Cuz I can think of nothing worse than a monk with indigestion.


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