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furniture salvage question

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I'm in the process of moving into an apartment, and my parents shipped some of their old furniture to me. Unfortunately:

1. During the move, two of the legs were cracked off of the hardwood dining room table. And not as in the legs were simply detached from the base---it's a pedestal table for four "feet," and the wood of the feet was actually cracked. Also, a big chunk from the top of one of the feet is just missing, exposing the raw wood on top.  

2. The upholstered couch was covered with mouse droppings (probably not the movers' fault, since the couch was in my parents' garage in a house in the countryside---wrapped in plastic, I might add, but those mice are tricky. :( ) I'm not sure how I could properly disinfect upholstery. 

Does anyone here know if there is any way I could somehow salvage either of these pieces? 

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I'm sorry that this happened to you! I know this is from 2 months ago, but I wanted to say that this is not lame. :)

if you still need advice, maybe move it to Open Mic. It might get more attention.

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