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Church Militant on Fox News

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Goodness. I get why faithful Catholics have their issues with Church Militant. But I have a feeling these protesters must have run out of other events to picket.  How ridiculous.

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Era Might

From the "Strength and Honor" website. Pretty clear that these are Catholic Trumpists with a nationalist agenda and culture warriors who aren't just praying their Rosaries quietly with the Lady's Altar Society...they want a confrontation, though apparently they just want it on their website and press releases. Where are the "men" in the community? Kind of funny their spokesperson is a lady. Strength and Honor? When did Catholicism become Gladiator? The idea that Trump is the Great White Hope for Holy Mother Church is about as delusional as Putin being the protector of Holy Mother Russia. They're both despicable oligarchs who use nationalism to foment the worst kind of patriotism.


If your husband, son, brother, friend, priest or any other man in your life is concerned about Western culture and not at all surprised Trump won the U.S. election, then Strength & Honor Conference 2017 with Michael Voris and Church Militant is where he needs to be!

This event is for men who want to take back their country and their Catholic faith, who would love to be a part of the growing momentum leading back to a life that just makes sense, a movement towards restoring sanity in their country, love for Holy Mother Church, and finally, a government that will begin to reflect that!

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