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Totally Franciscan

I thought it was something with my computer.  Puts my mind at ease that others are having trouble.  Wonder what is going on.

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The website does not seem to have any recent information on the nuns. I signed up for their newsletter over a year and a half ago, but I have yet to receive anything. Does anyone have any recent news about the nuns?

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Lucy- Here is a snippet of my personal experience with OLAM!

  After "befriending" a Olam PCPA postulant some years ago.. Only to have her leave the monastery... I have opted to turn my interest away from OLAM!

(Mother Angelica's "rosary w/the nuns" (the older version) was the reason, I have "come back to my Catholic faith!") 0;-)

Since my (few times) "support" of a particular sister...I can say, that I have became somewhat educated of how a convent/monastery handles someone that has discerned out! 

Of course" all situations of individuals who are discerning a religious vocation are uniquely their own. However, (from my perspective) just like the military...there seems to be is a "code" of "Don't ask, don't tell"!

And OLAM has had it's great share of those! 

I have a old OLAM newsletter (from back in the day of MA)

And I have fairly newer ones as well!

It's interesting to see the changes take place! It went from being more on the personal level, to a pretty generic format! 

I am glad you were able to access their Nuns section! ;)


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