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Summit First Profession Pix

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In December, Sr. Mary Ana will make her 1st profession!!  I haven't seen Sr. Mary Dominic since pics of her clothing in May :o

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Francis Clare

Even if this was true, I'd like to make a suggestion for everyone.  Could we please have a moratorium on posts dealing with who discerned out?  It's really not our business to post if/when someone discerns out, nor is it charitable to the woman (or man if we're discussing seminary or male monastery).  It's gossip, it's speculation, it's hurtful, it's voyeuristic most especially if that person is/was/or lurks on the Phorum.  Is there anyway the Moderators can enforce this?  Its really  bothered me overtime everytime I read something like this.  

If the person who discerned out posts and wants to talk about it, then that's another story.  But I've been convinced as of late that it's in poor taste, it reflects poorly on the mission of this Phorum, and it's just plain wrong.  Let's respect the privacy of others, please.

My 2 cents.

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